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i'm not gung-ho about UBI anymore, but i will say this: you will not understand UBI until you understand the difference between work and employment

However, that this has only gotten worse since August, and trying to deescalate has led to even more harassment, it is crystal clear that the only interest from some parties is in seeing me literally dead and attempting to impress others in The Discourse by being increasingly hyperbolic in rumors and attacks.

The bulk of this harassment has come from three instances: cryptids, playvicious, and myasstodon. We no longer consent to federation with these instances, and since instance blocks work poorly if they are not mutual, we expect defederation in return if it has not already happened. In several hours, evening pacific time, we will enact them on our end.

Since August 2019 when an incident went down where I misdirected frusuration with not being rapidly notified of a racist tirade originating from this instance, and despite taking extensive preventive action to avoid repeating the mistake and multiple apologies, myself and members of this instance have been relentlessly harassed.

I have been hoping for some time that some interest would be shown in deescalation, as a core tenant of this instance is that marginalized people should avoid attacking each other and set and respect healthy boundaries whenever possible. To do this, we needed to keep lines of communication open.

@Das_Milkhaus @anna @NekoAmps Like, in Brazil we only use Ñ for spanish words introduced after the 80s as it was the norm to just change Ñ to NH, as they where the same exact sound in portuguese but NH is the native speaker version of this writting.

It Also ignore fucking Castelian and most native mixxed dialects from Latin America have completely different ways of deffining what becomes N, Ñ and NH when addapted into each other's language.

It is just some outsider bullshit to see Ñ as "a latin american thing" when it is literally from european spanish and Latin America is extremely inconsistent on how it is used because of our languages being mixxed.

@gothwitch That is why we sort of try to keep it to a civil level with others, because we know that some people will try to use other's vulnerabilities to hurt us. It happened in either them triggering people with disabillities or BPD into attacking them or gaslighting people into believing we did something we didn't to get them triggered and get them to hurt themselves attacking us for an excuse.

It is an old tactic and I'm sad to say that I'm already extremely familiar with how this goes, and that is why we ask people to disengage and let us deal with them.

@gothwitch Yeah, they where not the only one, and we have been suffering from this kind of thing ever since we moved to masto in the first place (see the megathreads I did for examples).

Some people will just latch on and find anything to harass us and later move into recruiting others (or gaslight others, as a few of the examples I showed on my megathread) to do their dirty work for them.

And than we get shit like what happened.

I wouldn't use "insane" (for ableism reasons) because atleast on some of those cases it is indeed people having an episode, so we try to keep them safe to prevent problems.

that one person who was just stalking the local tl that day and took screenshots of people's posts trying to twist the words and make everyone on here look problematic when they're was no traction was,,,batshit insane like WHO does that sksksksksks, anyways hi

it's pretty transparent by now that there is literally nothing i or anyone can do or say to satiate the need of a scary number of people to feast on the blood of other marginalized people. this fucking disgusting back and forth where no matter what i say is twisted and contorted to continue the feeding frenzy, especially if i, say, hit too dead on with a metaphor about an object one inflicts trauma on in order to recieve cheap rewards, because maybe, just maybe, it too perfectly illustrates how so many marginalized people see and treat myself and others.

just still really fucked up that such an immense amount of time, effort, attention, and vitriol has been spent attacking me, my friends, and my instance for what ultimately amounted to that i try very hard and put a lot of effort into building something special for marginalized people, i fucked something up, and took the time to understand why and fix it

is this what we need to be spending our time and energy on in a world that is both literally and figuratively on fire? where fucking fascism is back? on a fediverse that is technically and culturally very broken and unsafe?

yo tesseract, if you see this somehow, it was a joke, im sorry i thought the :ct: at the end was obvious :(

Once abusers know how to achieve this, they'll carry that knowledge forward. You know those people where all their exes are "crazy" or whatever? Yeah, them.

These people use social networks exactly the same way. Don't think you're immune.

Cancel culture is real, but it doesn't work how everyone seems to think.

A crucial thing to remember about people who are abusive is that they can and will adopt and adapt. They can and will take social processes intended to isolate abusive people and use them against the very people they themselves abuse.

Most of us know someone who became socially isolated in or after a relationship because mutual friends were fed shit about the victim. That they were the one abusing the abuser, or that they had a bad case of "crazy" that could be "proven" by some cherry-picked anecdata that conveniently got into the rumor mill.


why is catheter one of the most cw'd terms on .social. whats going on over there

*cher believe voice* could you retooooot and like all my posts

I love that people entered so much into their delusions about Anna that they are seriously saying she is some Karen using Crystals and denying Vaccines.

It is like you people don't even know who you are talking about and are just inventing bullshit from shit people will recognize as stereotypes.

Also, you all have no qualms about calling me a Token and look at that, some of you are even going after me to call me one.

It is like I'm already used to this kind of shit because the same people that fueled this bullshit are the ones that did a giant harassment campaign against me and friends in the past.

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