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how the fuck do you dummy out a video device at boot, shit i read is like "just do that :4Head: " but there is nothing that actually says how to fucking do it

good morning y’all! please remember that, despite what capitalism says, your worth isn’t defined by how much productive labor you contribute! you’re valuable to the people around you even if you don’t provide monetary value to them!

Opus No. 1 (nightcore) (remix) (a bit loud)

i did this instead of going out for capitalism day

went into saga frontier 3 knowing nothing and within a minute the character i pick friendzoned someone, i think i won already

if anyone wants to play thanksgiving torchlight 2 on the switch, its on sale, and we're doing a LAN of sorts, hmu if you want to join!

@anna had a relaxing day reading and baking dishes for later. Didn't even get around to the yule decorations and that's OK ☺️ I hope everyone else can find their island of peace during this trying time ✌️

Love to be told every establishment Democrat is a corporate shill then be told by the same person that they'd be happy with Booker or Buttigieg. Have some self respect, people.

s/o to anyone else who feels lonely today tbh. im having a bit of a rough one, too. hmu if you wanna commiserate :)

and personally, i'm glad the fediverse is here, and there are people here who want to build something better, that's positive and has the power for mutual aid. thank you for being here and making this experience something different, and helping us bring back control over our social networks.

i think we all know the concept of american thanksgiving suck's ass, and there's a lot in this world to be bitter and angry about. please--go hog wild, spit in the face of your oppressors and sharpen your guillotine blades.

gratitude is, however, a powerful spell, even if it's just reflecting on the people and things you love and appreciate for a few moments. especially those sharpening the blade with you! :witchyfly:

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