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My neighbor has the trans flag in their yard and I'm determined to befriend them.

Well, 69 is not a bad number after all. ;)

Here goes :

I am a visual artist who goes by the name Aurpera. I freelance as a photographer, graphic designer and an illustrator. Additionally, into jewelry design, tarot reading, digital collages, typography and self-portraits.

I run a shop on Instagram by the name "artease_t".

I am also making a website for art-licensing and prints called

OK, everyone, as we've discussed with Anna, we will be moving to invites only for now because of the high amount of subscriptions in the short period of time has been overwhelming us.

We deleted some that seemed suspect (I mainly looked at ones that didn't have digital trails or whose trails where suspect, like related to e-mail databases and long dead accounts for other services).

If anyone you know who tried to enter and was Rejected during this period, please contact me via DM so I can know who they are.

Also, if you invite someone, please feel free to introduce them.

Updated the message to be a bit friendlier, and @berserkx33 will keep DMs open on twitter for invites. I'm stealing time at work at the moment, so that will have to do, but I think over the weekend I'll see if I can make the invite process more accomidating.

I think for now, I will keep it to invites, we've had some good and enthusiastic new users who have been inviting other people who are also enthusiastic and good, but I might update the application process a bit. This is a witch instance after all, not a generalistic instance, so maybe it should explain that?

ah ok, turns out there is a twitter exodus of some sort going on in India (see: ) and that's why there's so many new signups from India. There is a... large influx, however, and I'm not sure I could absorb the cost of leaving registration open right now. There are are also still bots and it is difficult to tell which is which 😬

we're not the only instance getting hit, which is unfortunate, but somewhat reassuring that this probably isn't someone mad about The Discourse or whatever. i will try re-opening registrations at least once a day for a while to see how it goes.

but again, invite your friends!

we're not trying to prevent real users from signing up so please don't be shy or hesitate to invite anyone you might know who wants to be here :)


1. dosbox webassembly port in PC-98 mode
2. touhou
3. "you must get at least this high of a score to register"

If anyone has any ideas for how to avoid spam registrations from a clickfarm that seems to follow instructions in a way that wouldn't have legit users going "fuck this" let me know lol

Announcement: sorry, I have to close registrations for now, even with approval mode it is absurd and impossible to tell who is a real accounts.

Any member, however, can invite anyone they wish by going to directly or going to "Invite people" in their user settings. PLEASE make links with a limited number of uses, I will probably delete unlimited ones occasionally for safety.

Of course if anyone already on fedi wants an invite link, just ask me! Or anyone on w.l :)

Went to see Joker (2019) again with a co-worker visiting from Uruguay. It was still great the second time around. We live in a society

nice try dipwad, everyone knows the most powerful witch is whomever created the "ok boomer" spell and im just... really not feeling the magical residue from something so powerful here

when you're definitely, extremely a legitimate new user of a witch-themed mastodon instance

Today's draw is the Queen of Pentacles and the Hanged Dragon :pentacle: :hanged_man_tarot_card:

My reading is of hearth and home, comfort and security, with the dragon suggesting maybe I should hold onto and focus in on that feeling for a while 😌

lol the spambots? clickfarm? thats doing this knows about approval mode, and i think my favorite thing that's been put in there is "i want to be milliaonar"

i think maybe, an instance with the contact email,,, "endcapitalism",,,, is not the place 4u,,,,,,

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A witchy space for most any face! Whether a witch or a witch-respecter, join the coven that is free of fash, TERFs, feds, and bigots