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the academy awards had a problem where every fucking celebrity would use their acceptance speech to yammer about their pet cause and it got super wearisome to watch so they implemented a mic kill switch and made some rules, they didnt take the damn statues away, y'know?

tho honestly im more upset about them :cmonBrugzos: yoinking :cmonBrugzos: the prize money than telling him to cram it. he won the prize pool fair and square, no takey-baksies because blizz wants to get all goobergobble about politic's in video games

hot take version: there's a lot of great reasons to boycott blizzard but im not too gung ho on cancelling them for telling someone to not use their platform to regurgitate cia propaganda :blobcatsip:

y'all really putting the squeeze on me to defend state capitalism against the gamers god dammit

never forget bush did 9/11 and hong kong protestors are funded by the burgoeise afraid china is going to take their slaves, the cia, and fascists, so even if you dont like the chinese government, which, fair enough, maybe consider pretty much everything is fash horseshit before getting too wrapped up in a particular side

@auroraborealis @anna

to quote @taweret,

anti-consumerism is the victim blamer's version of anti-capitalism

@anna why is no one providing hard numbers. The straw ban is driving me nuts, no one that should be getting blamed is blamed, and as a result you just have millions of regular people going 'holy shit i am killing the planet through my starbucks straw' and then some company goes 'look at you, using metal straws. but is the world better? no. it's all for nothing'

re: discussion of suicide in a capitalist dystopia, meme of shirtless guy, ec 

@anna ..capitalism is all about buying libs to own the libs isn't it?

re: discussion of suicide in a capitalist dystopia 

discussion of suicide in a capitalist dystopia 

so @Afal alerted me to that bats like, actually have a language and they mostly argue with each other and holy shit i didnt think it was possible to love bats any more but here i am

gonna buy 10 copies of diablo immortal to own the libs

A billionaire can decide he wants a sports stadium where your home currently is and your local government will bend over backwards to lick his boots so now your home is gone but tell me again how you live in a "free" country.

@anna nah ninja is gonna dance the tiannamen square dance as the ccp theme plays in the background tbh

yo everyone go do a chat in @cute 's stream real quick so she gets the achievement for it :D

time to play more Indivisible! truly the sand worm is a large part of all of our youth

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