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Remember to put your phone on airplane mode today when it isn't in use. It saves battery, and it's festive!

@beebs "What you gunna do when Hulkamania brings the twin towers down on you, brother!"

i want to hear your best 9/11 jokes people

My biggest regret of 9/11 was being such a fucking lib. What would have happened if I went apeshit

how come any time i draw a tarot card today its "the tower" :thonkang:

Me at work:
Don’t make a 9/11 joke
Don’t make a 9/11 joke
Don’t make a 9/11 joke

If people didn't want 9/11 to become a joke, maybe they shouldn't have used it to justify absurd things.

gentoo 9/11 edition where george w. bush personally deletes your world file

can't believe path of exile 9/11'd my account for 30 minutes

@anna youre so much more powerful than i will ever be being able to look at global chat

also be mad at me all you want for being an irony poisoned asshole but this was a PAIN to caption :blobcatsip:

what is it called when @lain tries to find exploits in Final Fantasy XIV involving teleporting?

aetherial experiments lain

what is it called when @lain runs tests on what will make their friend albert happy?

cheery al experiments lain

i use arch btw #nineeleven

wait shit #nineeleven isnt april fools i always mix those two up... and forget!!!

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