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i dont know if @lollipop is the same lollipop im talking about but hey :V

role queue fixes some big problems with this game but there's still a lot of big problems. i placed weirdly low (i blame @lollipop lol) and queuing tank and slamming dva no matter what seems to be working out well for me so ill probably stream me doing that tomorrow if im up for it please look forward to it

yo gonna play the new OVERWATCH ROLE QUEUE BETA with on her stream soon, come check it out!

not live immediately as of this posting so don't worry if you don't see anything yet

Live, Laugh, or Love- no one rides for free

anyway, @anna is mostly alright. i'm willing to let the past couple of days slide, I guess.

junk food powering up your charachter is common in older games, but has been controversial as of late so it is not very common now #gametheory

despite being generally annoying, often costly, and always counterintuitive to use, many home IBM-compatible computer games run on Microsoft's Windows (1985) operating system #gametheory

you can play some Nintendo games right in your web browser, but Nintendo does not like it when you do that #gametheory

while you might not have too many issues petting your cat while playing some games, many if not most video games make it difficult to pet your cat and play at the same time #gametheory

corporations and capitalism have by and large been bad for video games. the best video game of all time, Tetris (1984) was created in and by a Communist country #gametheory

you can play similar versions of many games on a home IBM-compatible PC and many popular home video game consoles, but there are pretty much always key differences between the versions #gametheory

Parappa the Rapper (1996) is an innovative music game for Sony Interactive's PlayStation home video console about a rapping cartoon dog #gametheory

rather than using letters or numbers like on traditional controllers, Sony Interactive's popular PlayStation series of game consoles uses shapes for its buttons, which include Triangle, Square, Circle, and Cross #gametheory

jack frost is the mascot of the Shin Megami Tensei series and if you know what he looks like you are a huge nerd #gametheory

@anna Therefore Pong is the worst game of all time

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