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In general, use your account. Click on The Sabbath tab, and when you see something interesting reply to it. People like getting replies to their posts.

If you can't think of anything to say, at least click the pentagram. It's the equivalent of a 👍 and people like that too.

None of that guarantees instant followers, but it's how you interact with people, and slowly you'll make new friends here and there.

That stuff works for me, and I have the social skills of a porcupine. :blobcatblep:

heLLO mY DuDES I have no idea how this social works but if you wanna follow me while I learn it, I´d love to get to know new people :)

instead of using sunscreen, i just go out for a maximum of 30 mins a day, spread out over the whole day . just don't go outside, it's that easy

Can more witches follow me please or should I just scour this place to find the good ones.

@anna Of course! Final Fantasy VII, the game about the evils of capitalism run amok, destroying nature and hurting the poorest and most helpless among us, is the ultimate anti-sjw tale! -Alice

@anna ah yes, the federalist, that is exactly whose gaming takes i am interested in

finally the google news app thing is picking up on the good shit

None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME -
- The joker
-Self agency

Fuck being polite. I hate this liberal society. You are going to deal with my immediate thoughts or you are going to leave

thinking about being in a swamp, and gay, being gay in a swamp

only virgins are allowed to watch anime’s none of you sex havers will come near my naruto

@wintgenstein holy fuck you have to watch The Society theres a plotline where they install socialism because all the girls say they wont put out unless they do and im HOWLING

lol look this character is only barely taller than the giraffe lady guildmaster by standing on the rail

though obvs im gonna change her to a viera whomstdve will be tall, but for now this is amusing

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