@oooh_scary the more i play with this thing the more it is really funny that one guy thinks gpt3 has a soul so much he got fired over it

@oooh_scary maybe. i mean thats the kind of thing you can only tool around with so much before it starts feeling fucked up, but it reallllly didn't want to to the point where i am pretty sure they blocked all the overrides that ive seen work elsewhere (though those might also have been patched up lol)

@oooh_scary it seems to have a pretty hard fence around anything to do with racism, which im pretty sure was installed by hand because being an ai chatbot, it is likely otherwise racist as fuck, as we've seen by the times they did not install this proverbial fence

@oooh_scary i got it to tell me 10 reasons wheelchair ramps are ableist the other day, im pretty sure this thing was trained on tumblr


@JigmeDatse pacifism feels nice and plays well in peoria or whatever, but in reality it says that your intangible and worthless morals are more important than keeping yourself, people you love, and marginalized people alive. i don't respect cowardice, especially when the cost is my life

thinking about how many programming languages were involved in that notification, with most of them by far being compiled langauges, which she invented, is a neat way to remember her, though!

@nubicola if i didn't want to violently threaten nazis i'd save myself a lot of money and hassle and stay on twitter

@lilorphananrchy as a former laurelai thrall, she absolutely has access to the instance still

It is, i feel, a pretty safe bet that the deletion of the Slaanesh account was not an actual removal of Laurelai Bailey's access to 8P, just a temporary reduction in admin powers. i am so fucking worried for the people who stay. Not shade on them, i'm just really scared for them.

@atomicpoet @LucyWildboots one of the most helpful things for taming a subreddit is even just the bots that come in and automatically reply to certain keywords, and of course the ones that will flag posts with certain words or phrases for moderator review. all that, and a way to be notified in your user UI that there's shit to look at, would make things so much easier to deal with, especially on very large instances. im lucky to have a bunch of mostly well behaved witches, other places not so much :3

@atomicpoet @LucyWildboots there's a lot of things you could do with MRF that mastodon just.... doesn't, and the people who run pleroma instances tend to not use them extensively (except for one of the most notorious ones from what i hear, interestingly enough) but they can do a lot of the kind of proactive modding that does, indeed, work pretty well on reddit, like alert to certain words, automatically change scope under certain conditions, that would indeed be really helpful

@atomicpoet this is the first good post to come out of mastodon.social, my pointy hat off to you

The Fediverse has a built-in Quora feature. For example, watch this:

Why do people still read comic books?


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