we are all part of one race.the gamer race 🤘 :100_gay:

you download the dumbass MIRRORLINK CERTIFIED apps. you plug in the usb. your phone wont do shit because it says its connected to mirrorlink. but it does not mirrorlink.

trying to get "mirrorlink" to work on my wife's new car and wow what an overengineered piece of shit. that doesn't work. at all. it straight up doesnt work. for no apparent reason.

@pbandkate @jinglebellrockstar listen. i like some of them too. but i know im eating trash. its ok to admit it. freedom is being like, you know what, i enjoy eating this trash. no delusions no regrets. when is the next fucking season of riverdale coming out holy shit i need it

also i hope the rumored diablo 2 remaster has at least an option for a more modern skill system. im enjoying diablo 2 and all but the skills are still wacky and i hate them.

discourse good when it allows you to talk out complex ideas with people so that you can better understand your own beliefs and their implications

discourse bad when cw meta

@Mooncake yeah. like i havent really finished d2 or anything so i cant super speak for it but ive played a lot of diablo 3 hardcore and... super mario 64 is a much harder game lmao

@Mooncake really the fun of it is having to do something kind of hard for like 5 minutes then you get the new shiny and just spin to win or smash everything and there you go thats what makes action rpgs fun

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