@planeswalkingMouse ffxiv: is arguably the best one, still has disgusting amounts of transphobia, weird pervert creeps and stalkers, and outright pedos

Every single MMO advocate: "*My* MMO has the best community."

Every single MMO players: "[some terrible evil shit i dare not repeat, uttered casually and often]"

hi i pretty much just toot about MMOs now. We all express the damage 2016 did to us in different ways. This is mine.

@thizzlamaphobia also skilled in bullet witchcraft, with a specialty in imbued bullets

@anna oswald was a trained marksman tho...maybe give a proletarian hero the credit he deserves...dumbass lib game

playing a game called "afterparty" where ashley burch just told me: "beginner's luck is only possible if you try, lee harvey oswald taught me that"

What does ACAB stand for? I keep reading it as "Assigned Conservative at Birth" And i really hope that isn't it

@reitrace yeah they want people to be able to use w/e tag and not have to have a unique one

@Lexilaughs @anna I have an Xbox One and I can manage to launch a game, but it is only because I'm tapped into the background madness that is all around us.

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