@Lyone ah I worked for a place that did that, it kind of worked for like one half of one summer then the next year we were "too busy" to ever do it

capitalism is a lie and a scam

@clydehelder i like the ones where he gets them to stay on the phone while he pretends to go to the store, he really strings them along

i also like when the supervisor butts in and was like 'ha we knew you trole we were just messing with u bak' like sure buddy

@daphny and yeah like. i just like bats and possums. they are a big mood. i like a lot of artwork with them, but i'm not like, REALLY into it

@daphny i think i am the furry equivalent of whatever an egg is

i mean. im not a furry. yes i have at least 2 fursonas. but totally not a furry. :blobcatsip:

The AI meme generator has started feeding me subtle pro-computer propaganda

@oolongstains "i used to think the brain was the most fascinating part of the human body -- until i realized what was telling me that" --emo phillips

@karasu never mind being a rapist, writing the crime bill, complicit in nominating conservative supreme court judges (and sandbagging anita hill), being a segregationist, anti-gay, and wanting all of us to die before stopping suckling on the teat of the private health care industry

@karasu no, because he wouldn't. he was half of the obama/biden administration and obama still holds the record on deportations

@karasu the kids that biden put in cages wouldn't vote for biden, so i won't


i got a ryzen 3950X and this thing can fail to compile chromium SO fast its amazing

Hi everyone! I'm Inure!! I'm kind of a beginner witch and I'm v excited to b here. I use it/its pronouns and I'm 21! Situated in the UK.

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