@Das_Milkhaus probably more ding dongs that think im racist for wanting people to work shit out instead of screaming at each other

@interneteh if you're looking for another great show with an offputting name, "my crazy ex-girlfriend" is amazing

@Bones_and_Feathers @popezaphod @berserkx33 the "Offer fellowship to the coven" link on the bottom of the hamburger menu

@Bones_and_Feathers @popezaphod yeah there's a lot of spam registrations so we have it set to manually go through, @berserkx33 has been taking point on it mostly as of late, but if there's a delay it's just both of us being busy :3

note that you can send invites to people to bypass the process, so if you have friends who want to join, send them an invite!

imagine if u will... disney princesses... but they're all fucked up thank u thank u i am gen x's most insightful artist please read my zine CUBICLEFUCK

@leif yeah i've been.... disenchanted with the fediverse for a myriad of reasons but there's some good here :3

i'm so excited for dark moon tomorrow!!! i'm going to get pomegranate juice and work with chthonic deities :ablobcatrave:

@leif it broke for a bit and nobody told me, but im keeping an eye on it now lol

@dreamwitch @ghost_bird yes, i initially started this because i missed witches town, so a lot of the initial themeing and such is from there

@bleakgrey @drq on one hand i watch enough scambaiters to see why there is kind of a justifiable reason for this, on the other hand lmao that this is obviously a way to keep you from blocking their telemetery

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