periodic reminder: we actually moderate here. no instance we want to interact with will refuse to moderate fashy/abusive/generally fucked up shit, and moreover we can at least block people from interacting with our instance

as such, please smash that mfin report button, also feel free to message @fun and/or me if you have any concerns

unlike twitter and tumblr we don't need to resort to mob justice/dogpiling/suffering in silence, so don't!

@chewy2424 is this on mastodon? if so is it someone we should block?

@OriginalBeeWitch i mean lez be honest its kind of what im going for, or at least trying to enable, here

@jlc @Irina but eugen is too busy making the fucking follower leaderboard to entertain even thinking about that kind of thing argle garble

@jlc @Irina the underlying protocol could do it but you'd have to write the code and featureset and have controls for opting in/out

@jlc @Irina it'd be nice if there was a way to visit other instances' TLs but at the same time i don't think you'd want to just let anyone browse any instance as that could cause some odd issues or privacy concerns

i'd love to be able to do like "allied" timelines, like id love to have a tl here of just us, and for instance, and maybe even another one with some of the witchy instances

@Irina yes! you can only see the home timeline of your instance, but you can follow/interact with anyone on any instance

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@kevinwhipwrecked im surprised how many people got had when i said straight up "im lying this is goatse" lolol

The eternal torture for gamers? If you were rude, smelly, and complained of oppression, your prize is... you get to play Brawl! Where your only character is Ganondorf and we will always have a Meta Knight player to play you.

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!