"mcdonalds mary" has probably made several million dollars for the mcdonalds corporation and/or the franchisee she works for. she will probably have this job until she's 90 and/or will have a retirement eating cat food


time for some bad game overwatch! now with improved mix because i actually fixed it lol


@swamp @readytherhinos been a rough weekned but im holding up. sorry about the click situation :( hope y'all can work something out

im sure this is a great article with no fashy capitalist apologea whatsoever

for all you anti-Trump people, I just have ONE QUESTION: why the hell do you hate America!?

UPDATE: i just did some research and it turns out there are several dozen reasons to hate America

i've drawn alf more in the last year than i ever thought i would in my entire lifetime

that is, to say, drawing alf at all


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