i should get around to making our fork A Thing, like "witch-soc" or something, so i can be Anna, CEO of Witch-Soc


@sand i cant listen rn i am at The Company Holiday Party

@Crazypedia its been a few months lol. i didnt want anyone to have to worry about abridging transcsriptions or whatever

@embird @Lexilaughs My tip is that if you have a computer that you use for work and for your personal stuff, use different browser profiles with different logins, and only have the work one open during work hours. You might even be able to use different users on your operating system so that you actually log in and out

my job might be more remote as time goes on, and for that i am looking at having a separate desk in a different room so i actually physically leave "the office"

for the astute worried about plotholes, we had an icebreaker event on monday and i mentioned i celebrate yule for I getting to know you bingo suqare asking to find someone who "celebrates another holiday"

@sand if i get a dmca notice, i suddenly forgot how to read

oh yeah I went to lunch with my co-workers today, and have identified the other lady in the office who is most likely a witch. she was asking me about what I do it for yule, and when I was asking out loud mostly to myself when the solstice is, she immediately said "December 21st" :dvalul:

:blob_pusheen: awooooooooooooooooo

(Saying that cats can't howl at the full moon is speciesism don't at me)

@Lexilaughs @embird i am incredibly lucky to be working at a nonprofit now, i love it so much. i wish everyone could be this lucky. im actually proud of what i do, its not exploitative, and everyone is just WAY more chill when just trying to get a cool thing working instead of chasing some unlimited profit ceiling

@Lexilaughs @embird i will never understand people in tech's propensity to like, not log off or keep a firewall between personal devices and work stuff

after work i have other shit to do idgi going home to do more work

i only even installed slack on my phone for my current job because everyone here is chilled out enough to like, not take over my free time, and people only work at night because they left early to do a thing with their kids and such. ive been places that expect me to be flexible but not them and like, nah

@Crazypedia lol blink doesnt work in like, any modern browser sadly

@embird its just slack but for games lol

you're welcome to check out my server (inv in my pins) though forewarning we're a bit irony poisoned lol

@ben lmao this discourse thread is wild, the snackman banned like, everyone from tdwtf for a while regardless of content??? :OMEGALUL:

@embird this is why you need a discord or something that you care about more than your work slack

also you close the slack app/tab/work browser profile after hours

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