this IS true, debian gnu/linux 

@Afal unlike the cowards at, the administration of witches dot live is ok with you saying "simp", "incel", or "virgin"

@Rhenelisss lol at least you hit 'em on the way out. the staffing agency have something else lined up for you at least?



sorry if anyone got hit by the letsencrypt expiry, but good news, i fixed it for good

turns out the cron daemon that is supposed to run it was not running nor does it run at boot. fixed it.

haircut selfies!!!!! (cw: eye contact) 

tech problem I probably created for myself somehow 

tech problem I probably created for myself somehow 

The last public guillotine in operation. France, 1939

La última guillotina pública en funcionamiento. Francia, 1939

@allison @a_breakin_glass i know the vita is pretty popular with people whose weeb limits extend (far) past "i like persona games" but for me personally,

@bob others have astutely pointed out that the fediverse has managed to create its own version of the blue checkmark problem, without even having the clarity of there being a checkmark to help people not Extremely Online to get their bearings. i can't even say i wasn't part of this problem for some stretch of time. and this gets into where i think the reward loops and incentives for posting need to be rethought from the ground up. how do you encourage community and respectful and positive discussion over being the biggest baddest bitch who holds others underwater to remain top dog, but also be alluring enough to get off the ground at all?

@a_breakin_glass nuh uh it had a remaster/special edition of persona "be yourself unless you're queer" 4 and super overpriced bespoke memory sticks! the vita was/is very cyberpunk. in the 2077 sense.

@bob based on what i have seen both countless fedi instances go through as well as a whole host of other online communities, problems will always crop up until it is more highly incentivized to set and respect boundaries and be, if not nice, at least respectful toward each others' humanity, than it is to run a series of clout grifts and make the loudest, hottest takes possible

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