@ana yes, that is the actual moon phase!

also meta key is often the one with the icon of a particular proprietary OS on it

well at least the certbot problem was new this time, apparently certbot was running stuck for days???

On this day of fools, I say we bring joy and frivolity to our lives, but not at the expense of others. Find something that makes you happy, and do that today, bring joy into your life to offset the crap we've been going through the past year and some. :)

ah right today

as usual, no gross pranks or tricks here! don't forget to be extra skeptical today.

@daphny i got my vax mere feet from when wyatt cheng legendarily asked us with regard to whether or not we have phones

@FimbulK@mastodon.social what a terrible virus

this IS true, debian gnu/linux 

@Afal unlike the cowards at twitch.tv, the administration of witches dot live is ok with you saying "simp", "incel", or "virgin"

@Rhenelisss lol at least you hit 'em on the way out. the staffing agency have something else lined up for you at least?



sorry if anyone got hit by the letsencrypt expiry, but good news, i fixed it for good

turns out the cron daemon that is supposed to run it was not running nor does it run at boot. fixed it.

haircut selfies!!!!! (cw: eye contact) 

tech problem I probably created for myself somehow 

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