@spookywitch yeah at this point i dont see how you owe this guy anything

@velexiraptor @wintgenstein its hard it took me like 2 years to find a window to get a character on there

Today's draw is the Three of Coins.

THREE OF :pentacle:

DIVINATORY MEANING Learning new skills; developing new abilities.

Sharpening my skills for sure, and also some interpersonal skills for the office when handling major outages 🙄

@Dusky im thinking of geting some joints or something and just chillin outside a bit

@violetkey i have an idea for one moon phase, still trying to think of what to do for some of the others

How would one explain the significance of the full moon ? I find myself at a loss to articulate it...

@swamp im pretty sure they only made the movie bc netflix's it department is like 90% trans women and they threatened to shut the servers down if they didnt finish it

@swamp please do, also pickup the colony i want to see the end of that dumb show

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