@420CatLover as i said its enough of an undertaking that, given how i feel about the fediverse currently, im more likely to shut down the instance than actually successfully complete an upgrade at this point, and id rather leave the option open for me seeing it through in the future

@420CatLover another reason i dont like the fediverse are things like that you clearly saw the reply where i said exactly what the issue is, it's far more than just "being busy", and you're out here just blasting whatever is convenient to whatever crusade over trivial bullshit the hivemind decided is to be elevated to a human rights issue this week

@jase though im gonna be real with you, odds still dont look good if im getting yelled at randomly by azov battalion stans about why out of date software is a human rights issue or whatever

one day i will figure out why the certbot cron doesn't work. unfortunately that day is not today but fortunately images work again. sorry about that

@jase its hard to care about the fediverse when its just a viper pit of the worst liberals imaginable trying to destroy each others' lives and anything of value anyone creates over less than trifles on a pretty much continual basis, and yes doing 2 years of upgrades is far more likely to end with me shutting down the instance at this point than anything else and i'd rather hold out hope that the fediverse becomes worthwhile than that

@ctietze a lot of things didn't work out but it was less pixelfed and more other drama killing my interest in fedi development


no war but class war

fuck off anarcho-natoists

fuck off putinist "MLs"

@eris really hard to tell how much known pedophile vaush is being dumb on purpose but people do be out there turning the anarchism flag into blood and soil like that

@eris yeah big same. like there's no good side and bad side here, it's just suck all around. the amount of anarcho-natoists i see online is sickening

@eris so yeah like idk if you can help someone directly by sending money or aid do it! but its ok to not be involved in geopolitical events as an individual, we don't need to subsidize military budgets out of our pocketbook

@eris really wish liberals would pause and reflect on that maybe they're being lied to if they keep finding common cause with blatant fascists. of course it sucks that regular people are caught in this, and im no fan of putin nor do i think the invasion was a good idea, but it wasn't out of nowhere and a certain ocean-related treaty organization is why

stop sending aid to ukraine if its just gonna go to nazis

just like donate to people trying to leave directly

@dukeofpearldiving hmm wonder if its time to set up a matrix as backup even if i know nobody will use it during other times

discord is all fucky-wucky right now, looks like a major outage

@ana yes, that is the actual moon phase!

also meta key is often the one with the icon of a particular proprietary OS on it

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