for any #mastoadmin s out there, if it helps to have some sidekiq tips from an instance that has weathered the increase in traffic pretty well, w.l runs on the $80 linode and i configured postresql to allow the maximum number of connections it will before you have to start setting up connection pools (personal to do: set up connection pools) and have 2 sidekiq threads with 150 workers each. i've tried more and i've tried less, this seems to be the sweet spot

hello fellow mastodon admins! do you want rich text posting support? are you not quite ready to make the jump to glitchsoc? i have a solution for you! you can merge in the following commit to get rich posting support:

note that this requires having viewing support as well, which is from thibg's patch:

really wish sidekiq had a way of obviating why it got slammed

oh while im here if ur using cerbot theres some bullshit going on where you don't update certbot or some crap your ssl is going to stop renewing so, take a look at that

fyi if you're using docker apparently it will just go ahead and shit all over your disk space if you dont clean it up, witches disk was at 84% when i started and after running

docker system prune

it deleted 55 GB of shit and im down to 30% disk utilization

thank you @BestGirlGrace for the tip

fuckit starting a discord for s

come in and seek and give council and wisdom's to your fellow instance admins

q: but i hate you anna you stupid tankie fuck
a: get over yourself this is for adminning mastodon instances

q: theres nothing here
a: i just started it 5 minutes ago

if any s have ever had this problem, its apparently what's holding up right now and im not sure what causes it

ok since ive been screaming about this all afternoon, if any are going bonkers trying to figure out how to give your pgsql a custom config, here you go

basically all you have to do is make your docker-compose.yml look like this

thank you windows search for finding it with .png on my local copy of the files i use to make commits :3

if any is looking, it's in /public/avatars/original/missing.png

yo s i got an easy one for you, my sidekiq keeps having several hundred items in the queue and its going up and down but never seems to quite catch up, any tips?

so for some reason none of the things on how to set up your mastodon instance include instructions for getting streaming/browser notifications to work properly, which is obnoxious because it's easy? and should just be done while setting up the instance but it's never covered?

anyway i wrote some instructions because it took me a little too long to piece together something so simple, i hope it helps someone

i think web_run might be cursed. i cant find any reference to it anywhere, nothing is calling it, nothing creates it, there's no references to it in google. i think the only reasonable conclusion here is that we've been jinxed.

also need to ask why the heck the mastodon_web_run_1 container just reboots constantly so time to get to the bottom of this one, not whatever the fuck rune sigil i put up there rip. time to immolate a malformed rune sigil :witchywink:

yo s so like, ever since i set up elasticsearch my mastodon_web_run_1 container has been restarting non stop but otherwise seems to be working. i think this is causing a lot of load though, as it's restarting constantly. anyone know why this might be happening?

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