seriously why cant it be gnu imp or something. like have the gnu be an imp or something and have an imp logo that'd be a lot cooler than invoking abelism and/or horny shit

This is my best friend, Chris, who was tragically gunned down in the streets by terrorist security forces in 2013 while trying to protect us. On this , please and . Chris.

ok question, i want to see what the hell command steam is executing to run ffxiv in proton. how do i do that. it doesnt exactly show up in bash history but there's gotta be a way to see it?

so how is the year of on the treating everyone so far?

the only thing i know about is how to exit it and that gives me immense power

also im running gentoo with i3 as the window manager since i guess my whole tl might not be context for someone who shows up to this thread lol

look we all are very highly opinionated in the world but can we all at least agree that centos sucks ass and anyone who runs it is a nerd

help me users of the fediverse here since my ircs arent being helpful, when i ssh into a remote box its always mad about my term being

open terminal failed: missing or unsuitable terminal: xterm-kitty

how do i like, report something it knows about so i can get features like "screen" and "backspace" working

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