everyone excited for this year to finally be the year of #linux on the desktop?

every now and then i take another poke at some #linux mystery ive never figured out. today: why doesn't byobu/tmux show true color. all the search results say to do wacky things to force tmux to use screen-256color and i did that but something's still not right

#linuxquestions #bash #terminal

i want to be the new #stallman. i submit my application to replace #rms with the following patch notes:

  • no pedophilia
  • WAY cuter
  • no pedo defense
  • showers (almost) every day
  • have no issues with and generally support age of consent laws
  • emacs is good and all but can we bring nano into the #gnu / #fsf fold? :hitormiss:
  • do not consider "voluntary pedophilia" a thing other than a concept worthy of derision
  • can install gnu plus #linux, and even better, can install #gentoo
  • no seriously pedophilia is bad and i would never advocate for it or disgusting subhumans who do it

ok #linux #FOSS nerds i want to set up a thing on my gentwos where i can see my #ffxiv and press 1, and then 2 (do some crafting) from my phone on the same network, whats the best way to do this

it seems like theres a lot of shit in #ffxiv #shadowbringers from the greeks and anyway what im getting at is i cant wait until an entity named Pleroma shows up

#pleroma #mastodev #women #linux

do you think that when :rms: richard :ohgnyes: stallman :ohgnyes2: was asked to remove the abortion joke from the glibc comments, he was at a loss? :thonkormiss:

#foss #floss #linux #gnu #gnulinux #stallman #uspol #mastodev #women

dont call yourself a #gamer if u dont set ur alarm increasingly earlier all week so ur ready for a fri 2AM launch of ur fav game 😩 🎮 #ffxiv #gameing #gamersriseup #women #linux

vi? emacs? nano? plz, there is only one god-tier gnu slash #linux editor out there

seriously why cant it be gnu imp or something. like have the gnu be an imp or something and have an imp logo that'd be a lot cooler than invoking abelism and/or horny shit

This is my best friend, Chris, who was tragically gunned down in the streets by terrorist security forces in 2013 while trying to protect us. On this , please and . Chris.

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