day 16 of quarantine. was up too late on day 15 finishing the #ffxiv 5.2 story. it was really good. vegging out on more containment. its striking me how things like social distancing are played off as weird and dramatic. like that's just how things are it's not weird anymore.

going over the lyrics for the #ffxiv shadowbringers theme again and damn this sure hits different now

gonna drag ass all day because i had to wake up at 3 am for a bit for the only reliable shot id get in years at an online game house i really want

i think maybe #ffxiv should consider making the housing system less poopy idk

this isnt even the best patch trailer #ffxiv has ever put out and it still blows the best wow patch trailer ever out of the water

also like most good things i have #ffxiv to thank for bringing it to my attention

now one tricking mercy and waiting for my #ffxiv friends to log into chat so someone gets my titania jokes re: the skin im using for mercy

time to test the colors of some of my favorite hashtags







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