i got a new phone and made a cute lock cover screen thing with my character #ffxiv :covidtree:

just chillin with my new bff #ffxiv #pandaemonium #abyssos #savage

only sensitive for spoiler [image of abyssos: the sixth circle (savage)]

desperately trying to prove to everyone in the college town that i can read (i cant) #ffxiv

oh yeah if anyone is looking for an #ffxiv free company for some reason i run catgirl crime squad 《crime》on Excalibur. catgirl crime squad 《crime》is a rank 30 free company with a large house in the lavender beds, and is not recruiting. if someone from the fedi wants to join though we'd allow it :catgirlthinking:

day 16 of quarantine. was up too late on day 15 finishing the #ffxiv 5.2 story. it was really good. vegging out on more containment. its striking me how things like social distancing are played off as weird and dramatic. like that's just how things are it's not weird anymore.

going over the lyrics for the #ffxiv shadowbringers theme again and damn this sure hits different now

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