time to test the colors of some of my favorite hashtags







theres so much going on here. i kind of want to try and join this fc on an alt lmao #ffxiv

alright everyone im doing it! gonna play #ffxiv for a bit on this ridiculous gimmick character i made and do some #roleplay should be a good time :D


lol all the hashtags have sequential IDs in the database now. on w.l, the first one is #leagueoflegends for some reason but the second is #ffxiv

y'all dog on #ffxiv politics and shit talk Stormblood but remember that time it made The Internationale canon

i think i might have a surprise that could be more fun for those of you who dont give a fuck about #ffxiv :blobcatdevil:

alright time to go to sleep and wake up at 3 AM and get me some recipe books #ffxiv

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