looking forward to a bunch of queer people being the target of right wing stochastic terrorism over the revelation that twitter.... checks notes does modding despite that libs of tiktok is allowed to do whatever they want but somehow twitter is run by groomers or whatever 🙄

kill your local fascist before they kill you

oh yeah my case for it arrived, its cute i like it, its in two parts so it still folds just fine and everything

now if only samsung software wasn't like inverse as good as their hardware

this is my #spotifywrapped i guess, big "played a lot of circa survive for my friend while she was driving on the road trip but i think they're alright" vibes

hot damn she managed to listen to more pretty reckless than i listened to anamanaguchi all year

i got a new phone and made a cute lock cover screen thing with my character #ffxiv :covidtree:

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