this is through an x tunnel. like, not bad

vlc is complaining in the logs tho lol

"using buggy X11 server - SSH proxying?"

posting these because i need them for a github issue and it wont upload them because vvvOvvvv

lol i thought me being a huge idiot that bought the special edition on ps4 was a rip

(this is for Dissia NT "Free Edition" if u buy all the dlc)

neville broke my heart today i had to lock him up in my room to keep him from fighting with dogs while i was gone and ofc he doesnt like that but i was looking for him to do so and was walking around like "neville!" and he came up behind me and meowed then i had to lock him in the room but he was such a good boy :biblethump: 😿

fuck yeah the problem was there wasn't USE flags for like, jpeg or png and thats what was causing image uploads to fail

lmk if you find something weird that doesn't work!

ahahahahahahaha holy shit

brought to you by the people who call me a lazy shit and fire me for leaving on time and not taking my work home

the familiars are doubling up on magicks to get this working

the familiar is as disappointed in docker as i am, and overwhelmed by what a pain it is to get this working

i know buddy we just gotta get through this and it will be so much nicer :negative:

fucking hell of course some windows take on breaks everything

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