"​:cmonBrugzos: bezos :cmonBrugzos: throws pocket change at country largely responsible for much of the backbreaking work that made him and other tech billionaires ludicrously rich, hopes to make more pocket change in return"

from the "the hets are not OK" files

cn: homophobia. really, really, really fucked up homophobia.

lmao there's a new 9/11 beverage coming out called "tower beverage" let's think of some good slogans, i'll start

"jet fuel can't quench ur thirst, but tower beverage can!"

"so good you'll want to hit the second tower beverage right after the first!"

anyway, i do not want to do any more megathreads on this subject, so i hope i don't have to. any and all who want to be a part of a better fediverse where we work out our conflicts and don't bash marginalized people for the pleasure and profit of white cishet dudes is welcome at witches.live. anyone who wants to make tumblr 2 happen is welcome to please only contact me to request a mutual block and otherwise get my name out of your mouth. especially since im finding out some of you motherfuckers are literal allyzone.

i really have better shit to do, so i will avoid getting concern trolled further, because it distracts me from doing things like this:

instance block recommendation: buckeye.social. also abject transphobia 

gymming while trans 

pretty sure i read somewhere its important to put aspirational pictures as ur avatar on a fitness tracker

ah finally got ahold of the receipts

what a fucking dipshit. of course jk rowling is involved

cn: fucking terf shit

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