and you know. in case anyone wasnt aware re: the genital wart game #HogwartsLegacy

if for some reason the thousands of trans women telling you not buy this isn't enough to convince you, you are definitely a bad person who should feel bad about your life and choices if you still want this game that has virulently outright nazi levels of antisemitism in it

:birdsite: needs more checkmarks. like 27 more checkmarks. this isnt enough checkmarks.

reminder/psa: there's a better way to use fediverse services like Mastodon than apps from play/app store! in your mobile web browser of choice (pictured: firefox for android) log in and then press the "Install" option (may be "Add to home screen" or similar on other browsers) to add an icon to home

you can even easily switch servers by making an app folder, as demonstrated in the second

this will keep the instance's theme and special features, and even allows notifications like you'd expect from a store app!

(also on image uploads will work before i am able to complete the version upgrade)


the application questions to prove you're not a bot are so far safe from openai

snarking at twitter and aparthied emerald boy 

every now and then i take another poke at some #linux mystery ive never figured out. today: why doesn't byobu/tmux show true color. all the search results say to do wacky things to force tmux to use screen-256color and i did that but something's still not right

#linuxquestions #bash #terminal

ive never quit a game i was previously enjoying so immediately

looking forward to a bunch of queer people being the target of right wing stochastic terrorism over the revelation that twitter.... checks notes does modding despite that libs of tiktok is allowed to do whatever they want but somehow twitter is run by groomers or whatever 🙄

kill your local fascist before they kill you

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