im glad this was cleared up, someday hope to find out what keikaku means next!

i am going to be the last of the blizzard customers and i am going to make them work for it

ive been flung around the great fireball on this rock long enough to know that when you start seeing shit like this, its time to get real sus

I will be streaming on at 3:30 PM Pacific Time

Please be excited for the greatest PLURAL RIGHTS game to date, with beautiful artwork by the creators of SKULLGIRLS, music by the guy who did Secret of Mana's music, super smooth platforming, a unique combat system that is something of a cross between Super Mario RPG and a fighting game, and if you're not interested yet well... come by, this game owns, I'm sure you'll see something you like if you hang around long enough :)

its hard to not screenshot this whole fucking game, post it, and just type "mood" but yeah, mood

going to do a Very Special And Cool Stream in a little bit here, and to prepare everyone, here is an introduction to your new favorite character in all of media

welp @wintgenstein i dont know about you but ive never felt more called out in my life

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