pro tip on good settings to change from their default on

like what the actual fuck is this shit lmao

note: ec, boomer camera angles

so we're just wholeass talking like this now in Respectable Business Publications, ok sure, i guess

wasn't there a plot point in mike judge's Silicon Valley where the hooli guy had his weird assistant/suiritual advisor wrote a childrens book about him? :thonkang:

meanwhile, on shitty social media sites...

gab is coming out swinging with their expired mindset against free speech by going full tradcath and railing against banning porn

also remember like, yesterday when the asshole murderous pigs shot up a freeway, killing a ups driver being held hostage and putting a bunch of families with kids and other bystanders in the line of fire? :acab:

me: im volcel, star wars is a lie, behead the board of directors and executives at disney

also me: cara dune could absolutely beat the shit out of me then step on me

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