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World's Worst Superhero Has Power To Make Potholes Appear

hers one thats definitely staying blocked lmao

crying about sjws in the title, check

shitty honey badger reference, check

gnu social check

pleroma gets a lot of undeserved heat for having edgelords when honestly its more like theres no good gnu social instances. ok like maybe one and a half but still.

i keep telling you fake gamer fucks that *Hyun-ae is not an anime

reminder: we're defedrating with mastodon.cloud tomorrow. last chance to pull friends off!

ok @Gargron that's it I'm coming out for you I'm I coming after you I mean you're not getting any cat pictures today

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also remember when mastodon didn't have the quick icons? its so fucking annoying oh my god

alright being on the bleeding edge is totally worth it now

imagining @bewitchyourmind on the witches.live stage wearing this as a necklace

hmm just a normal news feed in normal late capitalism

just lmao if you use a chat program and dont put lyrics in ur away message

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