everyone's mad at mastodon.social for a variety of reasons, some good, some bad. i don't plan to restrict anything from mastodon.social unless the spam doesn't let up, but i am to believe they are working on it.

we also get a lot of spam regs here, so if you have any friends that want to join w.l don't forget you can send them an invite so they can join right away and don't have to wait for me to plow through the backlog (or worse accidentally bulk deny them 😅 ) :witchyfly:

Enter discipleship

in general im tired of everyone finding some reason to heap abuse on eugen/m.s fortnightly and in general the fediverse needs to do a lot of work on working through issues without excessive escalation, and this is the north star for pretty much every admin decision i make

@anna@witches.live your mastodon instance is on a horribly old version with at least one major security vulnerability, please update

mastodon meta 

mastodon meta 

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