does anyone know who the admin is I need help

@BlueBassist did you defed because that was my old instance and there are a bunch of my followers stuck there and I'm not asking you to refed with it but if you could make the thing stopping me from migrating again go away I would really really appreciate it so i could go to an instance that doesn't have it defederated

@oooh_scary not defederated here. There appears to be a lot of follows between our two instances, too.

@BlueBassist thats really weird I can't see my account from here?

@BlueBassist that's weird I'm not very techy is there any chance you could figure out whats going on because idk what I'm doing (obviously if you can't I understand but still )

@BlueBassist when I try to follow it it says this action is not allowed and it doesn't let me see the thread I just made there

@oooh_scary I’m pretty sure it’s because you’ve migrated. If you click follow, I think it forwards to your migrated account, which you can’t follow because it’s you. I’ve never migrated before, though, so I’m not 100%.

@BlueBassist @oooh_scary idk from this one I can see everything and I took down the redirect a while ago but its in your sc I'm so confused but also tysm for helping @oooh_scary sorry I couldn’t be of more help. The redirect is still in place to me. On the web interface, I don’t even have the option to follow that account. Maybe check with the admin to double check a potentially stuck redirect?

Enter discipleship

@oooh_scary @BlueBassist @oooh_scary huh something odd happened, the account was redirected but now its not but i wasn't following it for some reason??

@anna @BlueBassist AAAAAGHHH ty both sm I think I will just have to migrate once the waiting period is over :(

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