sorry to anyone on

as much as in general the fediverse could stand to dial it down a few notches with eating instance admins alive, no quarter no apologea for anything related to the nazi genital wart wizard game. anyone who buys or intentionally promotes that shit should be relentlessly bullied

of course, door's always open. w.l isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you want an instance and admin that is still here after taking heat for years from the most obnoxious and abusive people on the fediverse, we'll leave the light on for ya

but hey you can be a witch and/or wizard (those are gender neutral terms in these parts) and be anti-fascist, and it does not cost you $70

and you know. in case anyone wasnt aware re: the genital wart game #HogwartsLegacy

if for some reason the thousands of trans women telling you not buy this isn't enough to convince you, you are definitely a bad person who should feel bad about your life and choices if you still want this game that has virulently outright nazi levels of antisemitism in it

@anna Okay, THIS is way too specific to be an accident. Holy Shit.

@Weirdaholic @anna Heard that the head writer or some lead dev/team manager for the game used to be a pretty openly known fascist/alt right type so I guarantee this is meant to be like, a dogwhistle for the 4chan and 8chan antisemites who have committed facts like this to memory just so they can be even more antisemitic

Enter discipleship

@KarmotrineDreams @Weirdaholic yes and also this part has been confirmed as written by jk rowling herself

@anna @Weirdaholic Oh god really? I wonder who pitched the idea/details first then? Joan or the dev. Wouldn't be surprised iether way but if it was jk then it'd be pretty telling that she isn't just being led by the nose/a passive antisemite, but a very, very intentional and "studied" antisemite....

Oh god now I just thought of her actually using /pol/ or some other cesspit website like stormfront and I cringed in my seat thinking of this near 60 year old bat using those sites....

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