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despite myself, i love terrible trash game "overwatch" but i havent played it at all since the whole thing where bobby kotick is a serial rapist, the cosby suite, and the breastmilk banditry and otherwise finding out that activision is especially bad even by video game company standards

how the fuck hard is it to not play a mid as fuck wizard game thats literally worse than a game launched the week previous that has been roundly lambasted for being also extremely mid

@anna genuine question, would spreading links to "arrr-lternative" ways of getting the game around be a good thing? I dont want people giving money for it but also it might spread it around

@oooh_scary some day i will be in the mood for extreme self harm and :blobcatpirate: a copy and experience the mid myself, and bask in the horror of what a terrible game we will all be sent to camps over

@anna @oooh_scary aw man I seem to have found this copy of the mid game I hope everyone knows that it would be awful if they followed this to get a 70 FUCKING GIGABYTES WTAF


@anna I was watching Laura Kate Magnet-Dale (Laura K Buzz) and in the recommendations was the game... I was not OK with that...

@anna i have put a lot of work into my World of Warcraft account over many years. I often skipped expansions. I hated Cata and I hated Legion but WoD, Pandas, BfA, had a lot of fun. I was personally insulted by their attack on Lady Windrunner's honor, but the dragons looked cool, I have seen the ads about the new expansion but I also know that theres just no going back to Blizzard and I would never give them my money.

@Montaagge yeah the number of people who have gone crawling back to blizzard because "ooh neat dragons" is absolutely soul-wrenching. if final fantasy xi/xiv and/or square enix pulled half of the shit blizzard did i'd be out, and i fucking love those games

@Montaagge like sure ok you can pretend to not know or care about the rampant sexual abuse, but what about the abuse of YOU. they made the metric on their quarterly reports how long they addict you into doing painfully unfun bullshit and stay logged in over putting in anything worth doing for YEARS now. i wanted to like shadowlands, but there was no goddamned way i was doing torghast and those awful dailies every day.

@anna i had been playing since vanilla on my warlock, switched to a dk for wrath and pandas, rogue main for Ashran and a ridiculous mage that nobody liked in BfA but because I had already skipped so many expansions by the time they said "the dark queen who set you free from the lich king is some sort of villain and in the next expansion you might have to thwart her plans or cause her harm" I said there is no way I am paying you money for that expansion. I started an ESO account about it but as I got to be an old person I discovered that I didnt actually want to do any daily quests.

@anna if Fireaxis pulled that shit I would be out and I have been inspired by Fireaxis since, like, I played Civ and Xcom in the 90s and Fireaxis represented a project by the developers to get back the rights to the games they wrote after the dotcom bubble stole them and I love them but if they did that Blizzard shit I would be out.

@Montaagge oh yeah. civ and final fantasy are like My Two Franchises and neither of them are beyond being dropped like a hot rock if they start doing kotick level bullshit or blatant fascist bullshit

@anna yeah, I have a lot of love for the corporate history of Sid Meyer's revenge and I know they are better than most developers at listening to their fanbase but they are still a capitalist construct and I have spent enough time on civ forums to admit that I dont trust all of the members of that fanbase.

@anna theres always a subforum on everyone's favorite "what if the south won the civil war" novel

@anna Assholes, presented with literally millions of cupcakes cannot be arsed not to have the "proceeds from the selling of this cupcake will go to a Ghoulish woman who loves giving money to organization that enjoy legislating trans people out of existence" cupcake. Despite there being literally millions of other cupcakes. Also, anyone saying yikes to them is a bully, not the lady they're giving money to, who will use that money to bully-err...legislate against certain people's existence. I've been very disappointed in some minor public figures, and some close friends. It's exhausting. At least we know who's really worth our time.

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