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anyone who buys #HogwartsLegacy deserves to be shamed and relentlessly bullied, no exceptions

such a pile of shit i didn't even bother to spell it correctly the first time

i keep hearing about how its ok people buy games from the rapists at activision/blizzard/king and just let people enjoy things or whatever but there's not really an excuse to not know the score with #HogwartsLegacy. if you buy this game you are a bad person. if you don't know by this point what an awful bigot jk rowling is or that her dogshit selling validates her terrible views, you don't have enough queer friends.

and uwu reactionary fucks have poisoned the well on even talking about the rampant anti-semitism in this game that was made by a literal fascist and unapologetic gamergater, but let's not forget that its horrifically antisemitic as well

@anna Blizz lost me at that whole "surprise butt sex" thing but yah Rowling being a huge piece of shit works as well.

@B_Whitewind the cosby suite, the breastmilk bandatry, bobby kotick himself hiring, promoting and protecting rapists, the rampant labor violations, and their new games aren't even worth playing. overwatch "2" is the most transparent scam since diablo immortal, which they're actively making diablo iv like. there isn't anything there worth playing anymore. it's sad, im sad about it, but it's time to move on.

@anna They need to make a terrible Star Wars game before going bankrupt tbf. If there is one thing everyone seems to be entitled to get a chance at it's ruining my damn childhood 👍

@anna I might pirate it but there’s no way in hell I’m giving them my money.

@Johnny_nada piracy is always moral, in this case it is the only moral option if you want or need for some reason to engage with it at all

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