Enter discipleship

even with how shit this "holiday" is, i do find it nice to take a moment to take " #thanksgiving " literally and spend a moment reflecting on people and things you're thankful for, and vocalizing it to those close to you

in a world full of shit, cling to what -- and who -- matters to you :witchyfly:

remembered i have an account at counter social jester hackerman hasn't found yet and am taking a peek. i am reminded i am thankful for the part of the fediverse that federates and didn't steal the mastodon source code and violate the agpl

@anna I got attacked by jester and his sock puppet army once and I’m really surprised anybody trusts counter. He scares the crap out of me.

@corbden he's a skiddie who larps because he couldn't hack it in the nsa lol

@anna i'm thankful you made this post because i just had a run-in with a counter dot social brain genius on twitter and it gave me the correct perspective on their bad posting

@harik the only good thing i saw on my counter social peek is someone posted a minion turkey thanksgiving, which is honestly the only kind of content i want to see from liberal boomers

@anna when arguing with someone from the left and someone from the right you get 2 guesses who they blocked and the first three don't count, lol.

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