i miss when the fediverse wasn't 95% pearlclutching creeps who join whatever harassment campaign comes their way that they feel obligated to join lest they become the next day's target

at least i am grateful for learning a year or so ago that as compelling of an idea as the fediverse is, we're just not ready for it yet and any attempt to make it what it needs to be will just be fought against by the most tiresome and lowstakes grifters imaginable, and there's better uses of my time. i keep w.l up for whatever respite it may offer some, and in hopes someday it will be time, but i ain't puttin no eggs i can't afford to lose in that basket, if you catch my obvious drift.

@anna I think the fediverse has potential. Outside of silo systems it is maybe the best decentralised socnet yet. But there are still a lot of problems.

At some point I realized that I either needed to leave or to write my own server. Other instance software at the time was either unable or unwilling to add the kinds of moderator controls which could get on top of the growing avalanche of detritus.

@bob while the tech can of course always be better, and i can think of a few ways off the top of my head to improve things somewhat, its always going to be an uphill battle when any social network will be infested with and, without care, accidentally incentivize the worst imaginable lib idpol grifters who do things like get more out of screaming about how other marginalized people should be cancelled to get themselves off because that's way more gratifying and rewarding than learning to use filters and tags and otherwise curating their own content

Enter discipleship

@bob i think it says a lot, for instance, that i am more hated for checks notes not minority reporting someone who very clearly needed a healthy social outlet and did nothing to not deserve one until they got racist, and believing people i trusted who were pearlclutching about a short lived instance and the guy who ran it, who i then apologized to and had fun on said instance.... than the woman who runs an instance who has habitually drugged and raped people, and groomed a small army of her clones

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