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glad some people's lives are going so well and have so little adversity that they have the spare energy to harass queer people and justify it to themselves as a righteous cause somehow. guess biden won and fascism is over so i should get used to being the punching bag of proto-fascist liberals and nobody caring again.

@anna (In all seriousness, people are out there about these things and I don't get it either. Kindness and sincerity are sorely missing virtues on the net, alongside the ability to reason about irony poisoning in a healthy and non-detrimental way. I'm going to do my best with them, but I'm just one person, and I hope others can join me at some point)

@anna ok so, some real talk:

your stubborn grip of whiteness blocks your view of what’s going on here

the same clutching to your whiteness obscures why your instance was defederated by many instances whose members are overwhelmingly communist, leftist, brown, Black, queer, trans, ND, and also poor af, in addition to multiple other structural barriers

your read of said folks being “““proto-fascist liberals””” and not what & who said folks really are is, once more, your reflexive commitment to hold onto whiteness

your absence of contrition before that defederation, as well as your muteness relating to it during all these many months since, is why your instance got dunked on recently

i did not participate

i *did* see what happened

i also saw what happened back when you were offered many outs from that adherence to your whiteness, hurtng many folks as you defended members on your instance who re-doubled Black, anti-Indigenous garbage

(tho it shouldn’t matter, i’m a queer trans woman, poor, ND, & more)

@anna in plain english:

you hurt people by defending whiteness on your very own instance, and you have never once shown contrition for doing that harm

i hope that clears up everything

@patience lol whatever the hell you're accusing me of is so far detached from what happened i can't even parse this wall of nonsesnse. i wasn't given the chance to do anything but be shouted at and watch in horror as everyone on my instance was harassed. glad pretending im racist gives you a reason to live or whatever i guess.

@patience and lmao at your parting shot. the only thing i regret doing is apologizing. i did not have the wisdom at the time that apologizing solves nothing and only makes everything worse, especially since i did nothing wrong

@patience @anna
then you might wanna get off the internet and stop appropriating white culture :ablobwink:
@anna @patience
i am on a pleroma instance tbf

and also i'm transmed so i may as well be literally hitler in a lot of minds :ablobwhee:

@promethea @patience well you should maybe try picking up a dialectic instead of identifying with smoothbrain reactionary garbage like transmedicalism, to be fair

@anna @patience
nah, i'm quite happy sticking to facts and not trying to obscure them with half-baked hypotheses parading as "theories"

@promethea @patience what facts? you're literally identifying as something to pwn the ghosts of straw...people reactionaries made up in a way that just gates off real people with actual issues from what they need. learn you some dialectical materialism so you can actually have a foundation to your worldview instead of pretending like some imaginary tumblr kid identifying as rainbowgender for a week while they figure their shit out has any bearing on your life whatsoever

@anna @patience men calling themselves women to get into the women’s prison and sexually assault women

absolutely will come to bite me

if you think it won’t you’re completely deluded

@promethea @patience lol this literally never happens, and this is why nobody likes transmedicalists, y'all are just trans terfs

@promethea @patience not familiar, but going with the assumption this is the one guy who isn't even trans whe tried it out versus the millions of poor trans people who have been arrested for being poor, which perfectly demonstrates: who cares. right wing bigots will always find an excuse to demonize us no matter how respectable we are

@anna @patience
>women get raped
>"who cares?"
and this is why terfs exist

nice activism you've got there

@promethea @patience oppressing trans people doesn't lead to any less rape, genious. how does more trans women committing suicide because they internalized transmed garbage do anything about cis people doing rape? hell what does it do about trans people doing rape, im here getting called racist by lib idpol poisioned dingdongs for the crime of actually taking out the racist garbage that popped up on my instance yet starrevolution is still, like, you know, right there

@anna @patience women want there to be less rape, obviously, but we generally know we’re not going to eliminate rapists altogether in the short term

so first and foremost what we want is to know that we have spaces which give us some relative protection from predatory people, overwhelmingly men, who would try to rape us in the first place

that is a quite substantial part of the basis for gendered spaces in the first place: the desire to be able to just rest and know our chances of being abused are significantly lower than they would be otherwise, because of where we are

extreme laissez faire policies about “self-identification” and even just lax policies surrounding diagnosis (to a lesser extent) create openings for predatory men to just slip right past these basic security checks with minimal effort, and it has already happened

you can argue about the relative importance of all of this as much as you want, but to a lot of people you just come off like Richard Dawkins did with his comments on “elevatorgate”

and that is a problem

@promethea @patience still havent answered how more trans people killing themselves materially solves the problem of rape. god the brainworms y'all got on rainy fascism terf island are bad. mumsnet sucks.

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