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day 32 of quarantine. found out that obama and biden openly admitted to threatening bernie with holding more elections go genocide americans if he didn't drop out. bernie, huge coward that he is, endorsed this shit instead of being like "ok im dropping out because these assholes want to genocide people". inconsolably angry. went and beat the shit out of some weeds in the back yard with a softball bat.

@RevChrismok obviously the democrats cowed him, however young people DID show up, there was just an even bigger number of boomers that showed up with suspiciously huge exit poll discrepancies (like "we've invaded countries with the pretense of their exit poll discrepancies were 1/4th as huge" huge)

but he dropped out and endorsed... THIS: twitter.com/ben_mishiev/status

like we're just... ok with genociding americans?

@RevChrismok (and before anyone asks, i say "we're ok with genociding americans?" not because that makes a difference to me, dont want to be controversial or nothin but i think all genocide is bad, but because obviously we're ok with genociding non-americans in this demon cracker nation, but we're not even respecting the pretense that we treat our own any different here)

@anna Bernie doesn't want to be a two-bullet suicide. Can we really blame him? Dude's old. I imagine a lot of that passion of his youth has worn off.
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