The "first past the post" system is designed to get you to vote for one of two near identical establishment parties.

Vote for who you actually want to get in.

If they don't, it shows whoever does get in that they need that candidate's / voting demographics endorsement in future. If more people did this, it'd also encourage more fringe candidates and change in politics, rather than the centralized, copycat malaise we have now.

Fuck voting for "someone who's going to win" that you hate.

@Blort we get caught up in this dumb argument every election cycle here where "well the democrat sucks but they're not AS evil as the other guy" but that just... doesn't fly this time. all the evil fucking fascist shit trump does he does pretty much ONLY because it was started by the Obama/Biden administration, they're the ones who put kids in cages, concentration camps, all this awful shit. there isn't a "lesser" evil here, there's nobody on the margins that will be saved, we're all gonna get mulched by this shit and those who can't vote even more so, it's time to put our foot down

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