Enter discipleship

i know that a lot of you are going to feel pressure to "vote blue no matter who" for a certain senile rapist who is the presumptive nominee.

please remember that if you cave and vote for biden you are saying that the dems have to make 0 concessions to get the left to vote for them. they can literally put in a senile rapist who was part of the administration that started the worst things trump did such as deportating, dronings, awful private profit-centered "health care", and move left on NOTHING. that it's ok to just keep getting trumps and blue trumps forever until we all die (of climate change in about 10 years at this rate)

please don't vote for biden

and in related news, witches.live now endorses gloria la riva for president in 2020. it's time for a woman in the white house!

@anna this is going to be the year i draw penises on the presidential section of the ballot instead of voting

@kaniini iirc where you are they probably don't have gloria la riva on the ballot

but if they do, might i make a suggestion :witchywink:

@kaniini not sure, but shes' definitely on the ballot in more than one state because in some states she's on the PSL ticket, but she's on peace and freedom on CA because they are a recognized party here, and that tautolotically necessitates more than one state lol

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