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tried using that awful "zoom" thing using the linux app last night and it sucks ass, like it just kind of chokes on trying to initialize some ALSA device badly (what year is it again) and won't connect to any conferences

@anna to be fair Linux audio is still kind of hot garbage though

@anna that's the one audio thing that's always fucking up the most for me

@anna I've lost count of how many times I tried running my game on Linux for there to be no sound because pulse audio is fucking up again and I had to like manually recompile SDL for just that system

@anna it does that for a lot of other applications and games, at this point I just google for how to fix pulse audio in X I can just assume that's what is broken

@anna or how I have to boot my laptop, wait for it to log in completely and then plug headphones in. if I had the headphones in before I boot the system it won't use them.

@wolfcoder i spend less time fighting pa in gentoo than i assumed i would, ngl. not that i never do but like, USUALLY only having pa available and forcing everything to use it just kind of works. only a problem with, say, proprietary chat apps that are distributed as a binary......

@anna there's not a situation where its built on open source libraries? like while I distribute my game in binary form, you could make it link to a different SDL 2.0 library which is a part that can be recompiled.

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