Enter discipleship

pandemics are the most wimp-ass apocalypse though, ugh

@amydentata just praying that we start rolling out the guillotines and strikes like after the spanish flu pandemic

at the very least, the wheels of history are turning again. we were headed for one apocalypse but now that things moving maybe we can get something thats not an apocalypse. or a different apocalypse. the possibilities are many!

@anna @amydentata we've had every single part of the Palawa Joko story arc except the fun parts

✅ government oppression
✅ virus that will destroy humanity
✅ nearly entire government is infected due to hubris
❌ literally an entire country's population is zombies being magically controlled by the government
❌ autistic nerd character voiced by Ike Amadi
❌ Petey
❌ "Eat the Rich" is a very literal and very important part of the story arc
❌ 300 year old man who later gives you a copy of the erotic fan fiction with the same name as his autobiography
❌ Blergo gets shot in the head by Zafirah
❌ Aurene says trans rights and goes to space

@ben @amydentata

❌ "Eat the Rich" is a very literal and very important part of the story arc

this story's not over yet

@anna @amydentata anna are you saying there's a chance Aurene is flying towards the window right now

@anna @amydentata anna is aurene real you have to tell me if aurene is real

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