Enter discipleship

ughhhhhhhhhh i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate nerds

love to deal with fucking procedure wonks who snark and demand a bunch of useless shit from you for no reason other than its the procedure then won't do jack shit to help you if you do

you can tell i was just in #gentoo any time i make a post like this just fyi

@anna didn't you RTFM (that either is usually never actually written and when it is its a labyrinthine mess)?

@anna oh yeah get someone to join you and give an obviously really wrong answer, they'll all scramble over themselves to help you then.

@wolfcoder yeah i ended up talking to a friend who knew things, and it turns out that the thing i pasted as "huh this is odd" that was deemed worthless and not enough information was exactly enough to lead to a solution to my problem, funny that

@anna now that I actually have the time to wade through the Linux swamp, I might do something with this box mastodon.social/@wolfcoder/100 its research job days finished months ago so its a spare computer again.

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