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Quarantine Day 3. Brought out and cleaned the breadmaker. Had everything I needed but milk, so risked a visit to the tienda across the street which is sparkling clean. First loaf is about halfway done.

shit, i think there was too much water because i used real milk instead of powered milk but didnt reduce the water accordingly, its lookin funny

@anna haven’t been tested since i’m not in an emergency situation, but I called doc explained my symptoms and they basically said just presume you have it.
Thankfully I don’t have trouble breathing but the fever is real. Feels like a cold mixed with the flu if that makes sense.

@Lexilaughs ah geez yeah that does sound like It by all accounts. im sure you heard but do NOT take ibuprofen!!

@Lexilaughs @anna That's basically how CoV-2 is, hope your immunesystem stays strong and bears it through. Speedy recovery!
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@anna Oh hey, I've got that same bread maker! And the same amount of success with it!

@reinboar i have made good bread with it, but eventually i get lazier and miss things and my failure rate skyrockets lol

@anna oof then you've had more success than me lol. Mine is always wet and clumpy on the inside but the crust is perfect

@reinboar i just made one that was kind of like that and the problem is PROBABLY the wrong kind of flour for the recipe, since i used a bread flour recipe but i have all purpose flour

@anna You know, that's exactly what I use and I think you're on to something
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