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just saw my first ever pete butt gig bumper sticker lol

and another of several yang ones, which was on a tesla, like all the others ive seen

@OrganicNectar96 an unliviable anyway UBI, which is already bad, means less than nothing if there is no mechanism by which landlords won't just :cmonBrugzos: yoink :cmonBrugzos: it

hell they'll probably raise rents $1200

@anna no he’s doing that as a means to pay bills or use strategically, not to live off of lol.

He wants to try to set up people to the best of his abilities before AI and Robots start taking away as many human jobs as possible. The displacement is gonna be crazy over the next 10 years and he’s the only one trying to hold big tech and shit like amazon accountable while also giving back to the people.

@OrganicNectar96 he's a lot of technocratic solutions that don't really work if you think them through. what does work though is like, socialized health care, so people don't just literally die when they can't afford $500 insulin

@anna yeah I know. My little brother has been a diabetic for 4 years now so my family has been digging hard into that field.

But in general, yang is giving people the option to choose public options while also providing people with the option to private if they do please (which a lot of the world does and enjoys it like that) but he’s also trying to make shit easier and more fair across the board. Just gotta read the policies

@OrganicNectar96 lol private option is stupid brainworm bullshit the insurance companies made up to ensure they dont lose their yachts. there is literally no downside to public health care unless you are a health insurance executive. nobody fucking loves their insurance company, nobody loves fucking paying copays, nobody fucking loves having bill collectors come for you because of some bizarre fucking billing minutia means suddenly you owe thousands. you see the same damn doctors, you can see even more doctors, people like their doctors, they do NOT like their fucking health insurance

@anna yeah and do with yangs theory, humans should eventually be able to pick the right choice and choose the public option, therefore running private insurers out of business.

It also seems you aren’t familiar with other ideal healthcare options from around the world like Finland and Switzerland. They have a mixed health insurance policy and people love it bc they have the option to choose what they wanna do.


rational individualistic free market, all solutions to problems are individual consumer choice


@OrganicNectar96 those countries just have supplemental private insurance so people can go to rich people doctors or whatever. i'm sure something like that would exist, but public option should still be first class and cover everything

@anna that’s what he’s striving for. You can do public and still go see a private doctor if you really want to. It’s just like free choice lol. He also wants to manage prices of drugs so that helps out your fight as well. Basically wants to restructure a lot within healthcare so it benefits the people and not the businesses

@anna @OrganicNectar96 Like, the fact that people are having to pay for insulin in the first place is bad, when it could easily be resourced by the govt and freely distributed. If Brazil, a country in an eternal economical crisis can give people insulin, vaccines and other basic necessity medications, the rest of the world can too.

UBI means nothing when the system in itself is made to take away the basic money from the poorest parts and give it to the richest parts.

The fact we literally pay Google's and Amazon's tax for them is all the proof just UBI will not solve anything.

@berserkx33 @anna @OrganicNectar96 Yep. UBI means nothing without rent control and similar regulation. What's going to happen is that people will have $1000 extra a month, and multiple capitalists that people are forced to be patrons of are going to want the whole of that each

@petulant @berserkx33 @anna sorry but have either of you actually read up on all of Andrews 100+ policies or so you just think he’s running on $1k a month bc that’s what the memes and MSM tell you?

@OrganicNectar96 @petulant @berserkx33 probably don't accuse others of being MSM shills when you're literally repeating the shit that health insurance executives are paying to pump the airwaves with, imo

@anna @petulant @berserkx33 I’m just gonna leave it at this since everyone loves rippin I’m Yang without actually reading more than 2 paragraphs into his UBI policy... GO FUCKING READ HIS POLICIES HE HAS FOR EVERYONE TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES ON BC IM NOT GONNA BE THE MIDDLE MAN TRYING TO TEACH ALL EVERYONE WHOS TOO LAZY TO GO RESEARCH ON THEIR OWN. You tell me know who what’s gonna happen while yang has a way to counteract everything you’re claiming 🤡

@OrganicNectar96 @petulant @berserkx33 hes just a neoliberal in techno-utopian dressing, who loves to suck off the big tech companies, all of which deserve to be fired into the fucking sun. i would rather, instead of a More Freedom for Landlords Dividend and allowing the :cmonBrugzos: brugzos :cmonBrugzos: to rule our lives even more than he already does, we actually get the one guy who might actually be able to offramp us before we reach the apocalypse

@anna @petulant @berserkx33 how does he suck them off when he’s the one who wants to tax them... but yeah go off sis. Them meme propaganda telling you to fear yang is obviously working. Have fun another 4 years of trump 😅

@anna @petulant @berserkx33 Lololol yeah ok have fun trying to get grandpa yang elected. Bro gonna have a heart attack yelling at the haters again

@OrganicNectar96 @petulant @berserkx33 good luck getting a guy to beat trump whose only voting block is tesla owners

@anna @petulant @berserkx33 lolol your TL must be filled with the worst yang memes ever 😂 oh well, I hope you have a great 2nd trump term :)

@OrganicNectar96 @petulant @berserkx33 i do not have a politic's feed, im just an irony poisoned bernie bro chapo listener

2nd trump term gonna be great gonna get to roll out these bad girls

:guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans: :guillotine_trans:

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@anna @OrganicNectar96 Isn't Yang somewhere in the fediverse, delivering tepid takes?

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