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wait wait wait what the fuck

the deparment of homeland security once set up an EXTREMELY elaborate fake """pay to stay""" university to entrap immigrants, going so far as to send out recruiters and shit

like... i.... wait what the actual fuck?


more information:




He did everything he could think to do to verify UNNJ, which offered a rare chance to start working for academic credit from day one. He went to the Department of Homeland Security's website to make sure the school was approved; he checked to see if it was accredited, which it was; he made sure the school's website was reliable, with a domain name that ended in ".edu," and that it had a campus. He checked the UNNJ Facebook page and saw photos of smiling students.

"Every source that could have checked out did," he said in an interview.

@anna Ehhh so many traps out there, when you can deport people, entrapment, isn't really a thing... Sadly...

@seven its literal entrapment when you're making it look like a credible, actual university and sending out recruiters

of course they don't give a shit because they dont think people who aren't us citizens have rights, but that makes none of this ok

@anna OH it's fully not ok!

Just saying that's one of many projects designed for that purpose, the laws are a bit obtuse when it comes to people not qualified as "citizens" under the constitution so they are using the gray...

Many of those/these projects actually run under ICE, because they use similar things for pedos, and know how to skirt entrapment laws in various places/ways... But deportables are very easy for them, because of the gray... Again sadly, certainly not defending the behavior, just adding color.

@seven yeah like, it'd be fucked up enough to bait people with an obviously fake one, never mind that there isn't really anything wrong or illegal about enrolling in a legitimate american university and getting a student visa

@anna They've done this several times actually, nothing out of the ordinary for them (even if it's incredibly scummy by the standards of literally everyone else)
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