Enter discipleship

lmao there's a new 9/11 beverage coming out called "tower beverage" let's think of some good slogans, i'll start

"jet fuel can't quench ur thirst, but tower beverage can!"

"so good you'll want to hit the second tower beverage right after the first!"

i wonder if any of the proceeds go to paying victims' families that congress keeps punting around and using as a political tool

@petulant @anna delicious 9/11 soda never forget now let's wage a war that'll destabilize an entire region for decades to come in the name of freedom fries and american flag sweatpants.

@anna “9/11 tower beverage - quench thirst not fear”
@anna “Remember 9/11 Tower Beverage” and the alternative variant “Never Forget 9/11 Tower Beverage”

@Lexilaughs "Never Forget your Tower Beverage with this twin tower-shaped beverage holder! only $9.99!"

@anna crack open a tower beverage and WATCH BUSH START A FUCKING WAR.

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