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Since August 2019 when an incident went down where I misdirected frusuration with not being rapidly notified of a racist tirade originating from this instance, and despite taking extensive preventive action to avoid repeating the mistake and multiple apologies, myself and members of this instance have been relentlessly harassed.

I have been hoping for some time that some interest would be shown in deescalation, as a core tenant of this instance is that marginalized people should avoid attacking each other and set and respect healthy boundaries whenever possible. To do this, we needed to keep lines of communication open.

However, that this has only gotten worse since August, and trying to deescalate has led to even more harassment, it is crystal clear that the only interest from some parties is in seeing me literally dead and attempting to impress others in The Discourse by being increasingly hyperbolic in rumors and attacks.

The bulk of this harassment has come from three instances: cryptids, playvicious, and myasstodon. We no longer consent to federation with these instances, and since instance blocks work poorly if they are not mutual, we expect defederation in return if it has not already happened. In several hours, evening pacific time, we will enact them on our end.

@anna The worst thing is that they're absolutely going to pounce on this as more proof, because that's what happens when people who are ostracized by abusers engage in basic defensive measures. These people are targeting you and your users, and you're going to be damned if you do this and damned if you don't. That's the whole point.

@petulant naturally. if they ever want to deescalate i'll be here, but months of chances hasn't yielded anything, so at the very least not seeing the constant river of shit being poured on us will be a welcome reprieve

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