just still really fucked up that such an immense amount of time, effort, attention, and vitriol has been spent attacking me, my friends, and my instance for what ultimately amounted to that i try very hard and put a lot of effort into building something special for marginalized people, i fucked something up, and took the time to understand why and fix it

is this what we need to be spending our time and energy on in a world that is both literally and figuratively on fire? where fucking fascism is back? on a fediverse that is technically and culturally very broken and unsafe?

Enter discipleship

it's pretty transparent by now that there is literally nothing i or anyone can do or say to satiate the need of a scary number of people to feast on the blood of other marginalized people. this fucking disgusting back and forth where no matter what i say is twisted and contorted to continue the feeding frenzy, especially if i, say, hit too dead on with a metaphor about an object one inflicts trauma on in order to recieve cheap rewards, because maybe, just maybe, it too perfectly illustrates how so many marginalized people see and treat myself and others.

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