Enter discipleship

thinking a lot this morning about how fucked up it is that a lot of people are concentrating on fucking with me to look good on-line, yet apparently someone sent ICE to someone's family and we are not focused on finding out who that is and hitting them with a baseball bat repeatedly

@anna people (almost) always follow the path of least resistance. Dog-piling online is much easier than actually smashing a fascist. Sadly, people pretend shitting on someone online is the same as destroying the state.

@Seafoam666 @anna that's honesty the shit that blows my mind and why I left twitter. I cannot fucking stand people who treat harassing queer folk as activism.

@planeswalkingMouse @Seafoam666 i am in absolute awe that i left twitter to get away from these people, but they followed me here

@planeswalkingMouse @Seafoam666 @anna I miss the days when bashing a fash was as easy as going to the local hardcore show to fight some Nazis.
Then fighting the cops when they showed up too. The 2000’s were good for that.

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