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yo fedi help me out, does anyone have a gamecube broadband adapter they'd be willing to give (or sell, if you need the money) to a good home that wants to use it and love it and cherish it?

plzplz boost so this reaches more people :3

alright, i ended up finding a decent enough deal on eBay but, if you have one... it's worth a decent chunk of change!

@Authoritimmy i have a hacked wii u but i have brainworms and really want to play an online game on an actual gamecube

@anna Wish I did so i could give you the network adapter... but I don't have one 😞 hope the re-toot boost helps you.

@anna well I guess that is better than my plan to install Linux on a ps2 emulator

@Authoritimmy hack gamecube -> install gentoo -> install dolphin -> play pso on dolphin on gamecube

nothing could possibly go wrong

@anna It's great that you found one. They can come in handy when you need to do native broadband stuff. Good thing I still have mine.

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