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there are no fucking words for how much i loathe recaptcha

love to take a half a fucking hour to log in to an existing account at a place i paid money to in order to check on the status of an order because the idiot computer that does not know what a crosswalk is disagress with me on what a crosswalk is, and google doesnt give a fuck because they're exploiting me for free labor anyway


@anna v3 isn’t so bad but the AI data training set ones are horrid!

@Lexilaughs i refuse to log in to google in anything but an isolated container for being logged in to google, so i always get the fucking self-driving car training

@anna ah that makes sense. Yeah I have a dedicated google computer lol. But I have to deal with it because we use GCP at work, which all things considered I actually kinda don’t mind too much.

@anna like they’re for sure an evil mega Corp, but they have nice servers lol

@Lexilaughs i still have an android based phone. id like to get off android but the best option right now is librem and lol no way

I’m a filthy iOS user. There’s no great options for phones really.

@Lexilaughs my ideal phone would be like, well gentoo lol but at least a pure gnu/linux machine that had some ability to run android apks, maybe even use the play store, but it is all super isolated and has all the tracking bullshit google does blocked

@anna that would be an interesting project, hmmm.
Getting the APKs to work would be easy enough, there’s already some pretty good virtual machines for gnu/Linux that can run APKs quite well.
I think the BS would come from targeting all the hardware variances for phones.

@Lexilaughs @anna agree, my iphone is not great, but android requires you to have a google account which, nope

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