today in liberalism: A Prius with an "Impeach Trump" sticker, but it's super tiny, and you can only see it when you are super close, and its some godawful hipster-lib graphic design that makes poor use of the limited space

There are so many layers of liberalism going on

Enter discipleship

live, laugh, love to put a sticker on my prius calling for a strongly worded letter rebuking the bad orange man in a way that will only galvanize his supporters

@anna this reminds me of when all those republicans like my dad were doing the same shit with obama

@reitrace Like, these people are definitely at least my age if not older, and their goldfish memory doesn't remember that time that they impeachel Bill Clinton, it did not remove him from office, and made him even more popular

@reitrace Like how the hell do these people who pound off to MSNBC all day not know that "impeach" does not mean "remove from office"

@anna ikr
plus the senates republican
theyll probably just throw it out

@anna honestly at this point, the elections right around the corner
just vote for someone else

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