Enter discipleship

ah wow I guess the Indian supreme court did some fucky shit and that's why there is a large migration of Indian users


yeah Twitter India sucks just as bad as the American one, banning people for posting things that depict hate groups/nazis critically because they are quoted or pictured, while doing nothing about actual honest-to-goddess hate speech

at least they're consistent i guess :birdsite:

@anna My tin foil hat also wonders if the rash of bot abuse is related as a means to force admins to shut down autoreg and staunch the migration. I know that sounds paranoid, but it's weird that the two things seem to have a correlation.

@kaniini @anna That works for me too. I'm just cranky that anyone would fuck with a platform largely comprised of volunteers. Like, if they have resources to throw dirt in gears, aren't there better uses for that energy? <<rant rant rant>>

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