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today in "ok boomer" news, facebook is rebranding to FACEBOOK

its like, peach colored lettering on top of pictures of people too like

doesnt the zucc have more money than god? this is the best they could come up with?

Lol I’m color blind and just took a look at it. I cannot tell what color I’m looking at and the bottom of the F blends in with the girls shirt.
It’s a boomer vision simulator for me.

@Lexilaughs yeah like, it looks awful even with full color vision, i can only imagine how much worse it gets with... almost literally any kind of vision impairment. i just have like, basic-ass myopia and its like wow i hope i dont have to identify facebook, inc at any point with my glasses off from halfway across the room or whatever.

it has a godawful contrast ratio with the colors that human beings tend to be, and they are putting it on top of pictures of humans, which makes it even more bizarre. like what the absolute fuck were they thinking.

@anna Someone should complain about it for failing 508 compliance, that would be the ultimate LOL

@anna @Lexilaughs It does look cheap, but it also looks about as far from the old logo as possible. Forget about Facebook, boomers. Hello, F A C E B O O K.

@anna I guess this is going to be the year of every corporation with bad press rebranding in an attempt to be relevant again

@anna it helps when you just yell louder at the boomers

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