Enter discipleship

@readytherhinos chemistry is pretty cool but my god the way it's taught and tested is obnoxiously obtuse and unhelpful

i hope u can figure out potions soon 🙏 :potion:

i know i always finally got it like, the day after the test. which id get back the next day and i failed it lmao.

@anna BIG MOOD!! i failed the first test but did alright on the second one. i’m about to bomb this test on friday. so hopefully i can still get enough points on it to keep a C in the class. that’s literally all i’m asking for lmfao a C in Ochem 1

@readytherhinos god i didnt even do ochem

i think thats one of those subjects id love if it was presented in a way that wasn't obtuse and also probably not a class

@anna yeah!!! like chem is so cool it’s literally the mechanics of making potions. but like also the way it’s taught is so bad i don’t want to learn any of this this way

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