fffffffffuck i love this plot tho the marketboard is just RIGHT THERE

Enter discipleship

gonna drag ass all day because i had to wake up at 3 am for a bit for the only reliable shot id get in years at an online game house i really want

i think maybe #ffxiv should consider making the housing system less poopy idk

@anna im so sad we got houses that are almost next door, in the same ward, yours is just in the subdivision and mine isn't

@InnuendOwO oh no!

i liked the subdivision better idk? i picked out six plots, 3 in regular and 3 in subdivision, but my first choice was 51

@InnuendOwO THAT SAID i picked it bc the aetheryte/board/bell are RIGHT THERE so still an ez visit if you're at basically the parallel aetheryte

@InnuendOwO also i think theres a mansion next to me you got that one didnt you lmao

@anna i really wanted lavender beds 11/41 or shiro 28/58, but like, 28/58 was the only one i like in shiro, i was fine with any medium in lavender

and by the time i got through the queue all 6 11/41 were taken

plot 30's cool tho i got i big spiral boardwalk over a cliff out back

@InnuendOwO one of the advantages of running ntp and syncing my system clock to it, i was logged in and backed out of the server status window the moment it hit 3 am, so i had a really short queue, like 170

also lmao that they changed it so you cant hit esc then mash login again to try and get in between the line place checks it automatically does

@InnuendOwO oh and i logged out next to boat guy lol

and yeah the only mediums in lavender i didnt like are the ones where you have to fucking hike to the marketboard. the most important things to me are marketboard proximity. i also like it where i can see neigbors/less secluded, really wanna get into some fun catgirl hoa drama

@anna dang here i thought my queue of 504 was pretty good

logged out touching the gridania aetherite last night tho, very glad i remembered to do that, had someone run up on my plot right after i snagged it

idc about market board a ton, only real reason i go there now is crafting which means i stand beside it for 25 minutes anyway, but yeah if you want that your plot's basically perfect

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