y'all really putting the squeeze on me to defend state capitalism against the gamers god dammit

never forget bush did 9/11 and hong kong protestors are funded by the burgoeise afraid china is going to take their slaves, the cia, and fascists, so even if you dont like the chinese government, which, fair enough, maybe consider pretty much everything is fash horseshit before getting too wrapped up in a particular side

hot take version: there's a lot of great reasons to boycott blizzard but im not too gung ho on cancelling them for telling someone to not use their platform to regurgitate cia propaganda :blobcatsip:

tho honestly im more upset about them :cmonBrugzos: yoinking :cmonBrugzos: the prize money than telling him to cram it. he won the prize pool fair and square, no takey-baksies because blizz wants to get all goobergobble about politic's in video games

the academy awards had a problem where every fucking celebrity would use their acceptance speech to yammer about their pet cause and it got super wearisome to watch so they implemented a mic kill switch and made some rules, they didnt take the damn statues away, y'know?

Enter discipleship

ive been flung around the great fireball on this rock long enough to know that when you start seeing shit like this, its time to get real sus

@anna so blizzard should ban people for saying something the chinese government dislikes?

@kaniini they ban me for saying shit the us government dislikes what's the difference

@anna i'm just saying. i don't think america needs to be intervening anywhere, but i don't think it is good for blizzard to be voluntary enforcer of the chinese communist party line. they're a multi-billion dollar company. they can grow a fucking backbone for human rights once in a while.
@kaniini @anna Corporations? Supporting human rights? Kaniini, you know better...

@kaniini they should have told him behind closed doors to never do that again and then make a clear blanket ban on political statements to avoid drumming up more bullshit (see: what i said about academy awards) before future events.

i have found no evidence so far that either side of the hk protests have anything to do with human rights

@it_wasnt_arson the cia loves all kinds of protesting against "regimes" that arent bootlicking US allies

@anna and then the phrase "CIA propaganda" comes out and I honestly cannot be bothered to keep reading

@it_wasnt_arson yeah theres a lot of cia and cia-backed propaganda out there, sorry you have difficulty reading things that are the truth

@anna then explain what you mean instead of pulling out the same two words every time. this is far from the worst case I've seen at least, and I'm not going to go to bat for the protesters

@it_wasnt_arson i mean the whole thread is about how theres not the best information to work from, which is generally signal A1 that there's something up. theres also the link upthread that talks about how theres a lot of cia stench to the whole thing according to people there. so no i cant tell you for sure what's happening, but defaulting to "cia doing fucky shit until absolutely and independently proven otherwise" is the baseline position to take here if you're even remotely aware of the last oh say half century or so of bullshit the cia has been up to

@kaniini @anna I mean true, but Anna is saying this isn't so much protesting as it is astroturfing

@kaniini @anna And HK protestors had plenty of opportunity to use that right. Absolutely no one, including Hong Kong police, prevented them from protesting.

@felix @anna i'm not really interested in debating this, please untag me :)

@anna when the non-irony poisoned get angry about something the memes are always so fucking excruciating

see also Drumpf

@bryceyoungquist @anna especially in a situation like this where 90% of the people on board mostly just seem to be there to spout a bunch of bigoted shit about Chinese people

@anna to be fair that's Angry Joe, the store brand version of The Angry Video Game Nerd- it doesn't matter what position he actually has because the thumbnail and video will still have poorly aged ANGRY GAMER RAGE humor.

@wolfcoder yup, and a great bellweather for what the wrong/half-baked opinion du jour is

@anna Ya. I mean, why would any gamer at this point sink their time into trying to win prize money from Blizzard if the rules are that Blizzard takes the money back if you say something they don't like?

@tesseract or shut down the pro scene because it didnt make kotik enough rolls royces, not that they did that recently or anything

@anna What *is* Blizzard's strategy here?

Do they even have one?

@tesseract the popular theory is they are trying to appease china because its a huge market for them and while that may be at least partially true, im not actually sure what they are hoping to achieve

@anna Maybe it is, but so is... Korea? I hear that they like video games in Korea?

And even if they appease the ruling class in China, I would guess that gamers in China and anywhere else would hesitate signing up for a tournament where the penalty for saying the wrong thing is You Lose even after you've already won.

@tesseract yeah like, i still think the most egregious thing is destroying the sanctity of the tournament by yoinking the prize pool for reasons that have nothing to do with game integrity

@anna Right. And of course there should be limits on what can be said in a tournament. But
1) The tournament was over.
2) Free Hong Kong while it’s problematic, isn’t like saying slurs to competitors...

Blizzard is bad.

@tesseract exactly, like, unless its outright bigoted nazi shit or abjectly poor sportsmanship fucking give the prize money god damn

@tesseract if they HAD to punish ( :doubt: but still) it should have been like, ok. heres ur prize money asshole dont come back next year, year after maybe

still fucked up but like, way less so

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