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i have never seen Titanic but i feel like ive seen all of Titanic

@anna actually i think i have seen it in school once when i was way young but like i dont remember

@Mooncake @anna lol they showed you boobies in school, probably illegal, excellent

@tesseract @Mooncake maybe it was one of those mormon releases that blank out the tiddy

@anna @tesseract all i remember is like the whole school going to the gym when i was in like 4th grade on anniversary of titanic disaster or something and we either watched the movie or some play about the movie (think it was just the movie)

no one paid attention cus theres like 300 kids sitting in a room messing with each other

@anna @tesseract note: also the school i was in was from like the 1950s so the gym had no seats and everyone was just sat on the wooden floor

@anna @tesseract my elementary school looked like ths btw (its demolished now)

also actually i think it was from before the 50s

place was mad depressing

@Mooncake @tesseract it looks like a sanitarium that they converted to a school

@anna the worst part is
the school colours are red and grey

and so fucking all the walls and floors inside were painted grey

@anna pictures of school in link but also imagine watching titanic here

@Mooncake truly your hearts will go on... to better places than that

@anna even tho it was a shitty place idk why they felt the need to demolish it but what ever

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