Enter discipleship

i want to be the new #stallman. i submit my application to replace #rms with the following patch notes:

  • no pedophilia
  • WAY cuter
  • no pedo defense
  • showers (almost) every day
  • have no issues with and generally support age of consent laws
  • emacs is good and all but can we bring nano into the #gnu / #fsf fold? :hitormiss:
  • do not consider "voluntary pedophilia" a thing other than a concept worthy of derision
  • can install gnu plus #linux, and even better, can install #gentoo
  • no seriously pedophilia is bad and i would never advocate for it or disgusting subhumans who do it

also im pretty volcel so if MIT let me live on the couch in the office they gave me there wouldn't be used condoms or whatever. im not the neatest person, ngl, but i dont eat off my feet and i will clean up after myself before shit gets gross or smelly

Will you be willing and ready to forgo all proprietary software in all its forms. (Pretty much No commercial video games)

No binaries blobs (which doesn't have a copyleft licensed source code), that pretty much rules out any smartphone.

No credit cards, and only cash.

Indeed RMS has been extreme with free as in freedom software #faif #floss #gnu + #linux #stallman

I could not be that software pure.

However a replacement of #stallman would need to be

@katana_steel i dont think stallman got things right for like, games. i do think that game engines should be free and open, but the game assets (artwork, music, level design, meshes) can optionally be protected and sold non-free. problem is there aren't really any great examples of this, at least license-wise, but imagine if like, source or the doom engine were under a better software license.

in fact thats probably one of the things id do is get the FSF to work on some game engines for games i like (and are popular :V) to promote free software

@katana_steel rms is right about not using credit/debit cards though and thats something id definitely be fine with, i want to do that more anyway

@katana_steel i would be happy to give up my smartphone or switch to a FOSS one. i would also be willing to give up my nvidia graphics card as much as i hate ati graphics cards :blobcatcry:

but thats ok because id probably only be able to play games again after the FSF game dev studio made a release lmao

@katana_steel @anna we don't have to replace him with anyone, being leaderless is kind of cool sometimes

@wolfcoder @katana_steel realtalk hes a p great example of how leaders can make things worse

@anna @katana_steel like we can just collectivize and in more practical ways figure out how to take back ownership of our technology and we can get things done on shared goals as opposed to ideological dogma, lots of things getting done less talking, sounds good

@anna @katana_steel I mean there's always going to be dogmatic fossbros with reactionary attitudes but we can more easily deal with them if we "kill their idols"

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