i need to apologize for how i've handled the situation with a disgustingly racist toot originating from witches.live. i let my ego get in the way and got unduly upset by someone not on my instance or even following me dealing with that vile toot the best they could, which was only compounded by my inattention to important details that, even if i had them right, was still a far too overly defensive and aggressive reaction to someone who had received abuse at the hands of my instance.

in a flurry of haste and self-absorbtion, i did not in any way properly address that an absolutely abhorrent racist post was sent to people said racism targeted from my instance. my poor reaction detracted from proper redress to the people this was directed at, and to the fediverse in general for this bile originating from my instance at all. in the throes of my excessive defensiveness, i talked big about handling these situations better than twitter and wanting the fediverse to be the place where we don't have to go to last resort tactics to deal with greviances, but how i acted was absolutely antiethical to that.

Enter discipleship

i mean it when i say i pour my heart and soul into witches.live the fediverse, but i need to back that up with actions that don't betray those words, and i have utterly failed here. for that i am truly sorry and commit to doing far, far better in the future. i plan on doing this not just by means of personal resolve, but by adding admins to witches.live who have been willing to stand up to me when i'm out of line.

as an addenum, it looks like things escalated quite a lot while i was writing this. im sorry it took me some time to work thorough, and i hope some of the people who defederated over this apology not existing yet will be shown this apology regardless of whether or not it changes their mind about witches.live. im also sorry that ive made some flippant jokes today, what ive done is too grievous to be joking about it.

i am fully committed to keeping witches.live going, even--if not especially--knowing its going to be a lot of work to repair the damage i've done and that some of it may be permanent.

to more directly address anyone upset it took me a couple days to get to this apology: it was immediately obvious that hastily jumping into things is where my fuckup started, and that i can't properly fix things by being more hasty. it was also caused by poor judgement that was worsened by a lack of sleep, which of course only got worse afterwards.

i needed a day to adjust and get off my bullshit, to sleep, and to talk with people and make plans to actually address what went wrong. it would have been a disservice to post a hasty "sorry for any offense" apology when nothing has changed.

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