greetings, coven! blessed be or whatever! i have exciting news for today :)

after recent... events its becoming clear that i'm about at my limit for being able handle everything around here, and need a couple more people to help keep an eye on things due to my limitations of being but one witch, and a white dipshit at that.

as such i am very pleased to introduce our new LATINX ENBY POWER ADMIN DUO, @bewitchyourmind and @Dionysus !

they are both great friends i've worked with a lot, and also very importantly are as extremely online as i am which will be a great help keeping things safe

Enter discipleship

one thing i hope they can also bring to the table is that i know i can be pretty intimidating, and sometimes people dont want to tell me things for fear of that i'll... be anna about it i dont know. im A Lot, i get it.

so if anyone, for any reason, on w.l or otherwise wants to talk to an official mouthpiece for w.l, hit up @bewitchyourmind and/or @Dionysus as they both know me well enough to call me on my shit, and they will, and that is why i picked them :witchyfly:

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