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mario from "super mario brothers" can jump several times his own height

mario from "super mario brothers" can jump several times his own height #gametheory

many video games feature cats as anything from heroes, villains, items, background decorationr, and much more 🐱 #gametheory

there are a lot of Final Fantasy games. in fact there doesnt seem to be anything final about Final Fantasy!! #gametheory

there is a variety of unique creatures available in the popular "Pokémon" series #gametheory

Blizzard Entertainment, headquartered in Irvine, CA, has made several popular games for IBM-compatible personal computer systems #gametheory

super mario brothers 3 for the nintendo entertainment system uses a special co-processing chip to allow the player to move backwards through levels #gametheory

the reason sometimes nes games reset repeatedly is that the lockout chip used to only allow licensed games is faulty and sometimes prone to error #gametheory

nintendo ran an official magazine to promote their games and products for several years. it was called "Nintendo Power" #gametheory

the power glove is ambitious technology, but is not a very good controller #gametheory

crash bandicoot is brown/orange because that particular color looked good on the playstation's graphics processor #gametheory

call of duty is a popular game series that is developed with the cooperation of the united states armed forces, who in turn use it as a recruiting tool #gametheory

the game boy color allowed for playing game boy games in color #gametheory

guild war 2 is the second in the popular guild war series of online roleplaying games #gametheoryforben

several games let you play as a catgirl. most of them are anime-inspired. #gametheory

you can play home video versions of several popular tv game shows, including jeopardy and wheel of fortune #gametheory

the video adaptation of the popular board game pictionary for the nintendo entertainment system has surprisingly good music #gametheory

lara croft is a famous female protagonist from video games #gametheory

several notable historical figures would have been gamers if they lived today #gametheory

you can make a video game in any computer programming language including COBOL and FORTRAN--try it! #gametheory

video game quality is measured in how many bits it is. 8 bits is bad, but 64 or more bits is very good #gametheory

you can play many video games on-the-go using your android or ios based smartphone #gametheory

jack frost is the mascot of the Shin Megami Tensei series and if you know what he looks like you are a huge nerd #gametheory

rather than using letters or numbers like on traditional controllers, Sony Interactive's popular PlayStation series of game consoles uses shapes for its buttons, which include Triangle, Square, Circle, and Cross #gametheory

Parappa the Rapper (1996) is an innovative music game for Sony Interactive's PlayStation home video console about a rapping cartoon dog #gametheory

you can play similar versions of many games on a home IBM-compatible PC and many popular home video game consoles, but there are pretty much always key differences between the versions #gametheory

despite being generally annoying, often costly, and always counterintuitive to use, many home IBM-compatible computer games run on Microsoft's Windows (1985) operating system #gametheory

junk food powering up your charachter is common in older games, but has been controversial as of late so it is not very common now #gametheory

there are many video games based on classic myths and fables #gametheory

the video game industry has a bustling enthusiast press, which much constantly grapple with being candid and honest vs allowing continued access by video game companies' marketing departments #gametheory

do you enjoy piloting aircraft? you're in luck! many video games let you pilot aircraft #gametheory

Undertale (2015) is a popular role-playing game featuring talking skeletons #gametheory

you can use several of any appendages you may have in order to play video games #gametheory

roko's modern basilisk is not a video game at this present time #gametheory

the Nintendo Switch can be used like a handheld system, but also can connect to a TV #gametheory

angelina jolie played Wipeout (1995) in the hit documentary Hackers (1995) #gametheory

@anna wait

are you saying

my decisions have consequences?

@ben its like in Guild War 2 (2017, NCSoft) when you're like "god dammit blergo" #gametheoryforben

@anna wow why would ncsoft release a game with such a similar title to an arenanet game released 5 years earlier

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