time for more donkdonkdale. jughead's street gang joins the sheriff's department. jughead's dad is sheriff.

Enter discipleship

betty's mom sold the house because she wants to go join a fucked up death cult despite betty saving her from being killed by fucked up death cult

veronica being a total pill about owning the means of production and not sharing

archie has a line out the door of the abandoned boxing gym of nerds playing g&g there to fight him to try and kill him

woah ok suddenly so that... is, out of nowhere, the backdrop for the hottest lesbian scene in any media ever so far

oh yeah cheryl and toni are having major dramz because they u-hauled way too soon

riverdale high is doing a production of heathers: the musical

cheryl, upon seeing her estranged girlfriend: does anyone have a chainsaw? because what the

cut to riverdale title card

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