actually, super mario 2 is "super mario usa" and is called doki doki panic in japan #gametheory

the nintendo entertainment system looks like a vcr because of the video game crash #gametheory

you cannot play guild war 2 on any nintendo system officially #gametheoryforben

earthbound was "mother 2" in japan, the famicom (japanese NES) game mother was the first in the series. it is called earthbound beginnings in the west #gametheory

the first ever video game, pong, had simple instructions: avoid missing ball for high score #gametheory

Enter discipleship

game developers tend to work long hours for little pay and should unionize #gametheory

the sony playstation is a very popular home video game console system. there are 4 generations of playstation systems. at least one million playstations have been sold #gametheory

mario from "super mario brothers" can jump several times his own height

mario from "super mario brothers" can jump several times his own height #gametheory

many video games feature cats as anything from heroes, villains, items, background decorationr, and much more 🐱 #gametheory

there are a lot of Final Fantasy games. in fact there doesnt seem to be anything final about Final Fantasy!! #gametheory

there is a variety of unique creatures available in the popular "Pokémon" series #gametheory

Blizzard Entertainment, headquartered in Irvine, CA, has made several popular games for IBM-compatible personal computer systems #gametheory

super mario brothers 3 for the nintendo entertainment system uses a special co-processing chip to allow the player to move backwards through levels #gametheory

the reason sometimes nes games reset repeatedly is that the lockout chip used to only allow licensed games is faulty and sometimes prone to error #gametheory

nintendo ran an official magazine to promote their games and products for several years. it was called "Nintendo Power" #gametheory

the power glove is ambitious technology, but is not a very good controller #gametheory

crash bandicoot is brown/orange because that particular color looked good on the playstation's graphics processor #gametheory

call of duty is a popular game series that is developed with the cooperation of the united states armed forces, who in turn use it as a recruiting tool #gametheory

the game boy color allowed for playing game boy games in color #gametheory

guild war 2 is the second in the popular guild war series of online roleplaying games #gametheoryforben

several games let you play as a catgirl. most of them are anime-inspired. #gametheory

you can play home video versions of several popular tv game shows, including jeopardy and wheel of fortune #gametheory

the video adaptation of the popular board game pictionary for the nintendo entertainment system has surprisingly good music #gametheory

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@anna have you ever played super kingio bros

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