@anna Like, no repercussions (other than maybe a bad credit score)? I guess they can't repossess an endoscopy, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it

@lesbianhacker pretty much. and credit score impact is pretty minimal now

@lesbianhacker @anna when I was growing up my family had great success calling up providers and being like "let me square with you... I need to be on a $10/month payment plan until a new job is gotten" because they know they are so much better off taking the $10 and the (even slim!) odds of actual repayment than selling your debt to collectors.

I feel like this is rlly bleak advice but...

@maya @lesbianhacker yeah like mostly you can just like, ignore the calls and letters. if it's unberable/untenable/they have some way to squeeze you find a way to make the most token payment imaginable (and make them chase you down for it if at all possible)

@anna @lesbianhacker also if they sell your debt to collections, and then that debt is sold to other collections agencies, they almost certainly don't have proper records of the original debt so respond to any legal summons asking then to prove you owe them, because the default judgment in your absence will confirm the debt while a decent request to paperwork can stymie - -
You know what I'm going to go eat some cheese
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