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i found an archive of winamp skins and most of them are amazing

nothing says mercedes benz like.... a weird rust color????

this one stands out to me because its like if the late 90s came through a time portal to try and kill me

this one's cute and matches the decor, i might use this one

next time i do a windows 98 virtual machine im installing PLUS! and then using this winamp skin along with that one PLUS! theme. you know the one.

cool to think calvin and hobbes was still running probably when this calvin and hobbes theme was made

oh my god a ti-83 themed skin. if i had this back in the day i'd probably use it if there wasn't this earthbound one i had that i loved

i wish i could find that skin again ; ;

look @kaniini winamp modern is supported in audacious you dont have to worry anymore! :awesome:

@anna Anna, your nostalgia tripping mixing with your irony is giving me conniptions!

There's a hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy skin available in the webamp winamp player on archive.org and it makes me giggle

@ajroach42 oh heck yes also i guess theres a lot of winamp skins there? ill have to look!

They have a huge archive.

And if you're listening to music on the archive, there's a winamp button.

@ajroach42 lmao i found the winamp skins, there's some great ones in there

also a lot of tidd and vag

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